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The Jump Off | Episode 2 | Welcome Back Kratos

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Factor is back to finally give his thoughts on the new God of War that has released to the PS4! He also gives his thought on the Battle Royale Genre and addresses some backlash of Radical Heights!

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Lets Play | God of War

Pt. 1 (The Stranger)

Pt. 2 (The Witch)

Pt. 3 (The Mountain Base)

Pt. 4 (The First Realm)

Pt. 5 (The End of the First Realm)

Pt. 6 (Back Through the Mountain)

Pt. 7 (Over the River and Through the Woods)

Pt. 8 (The Mason Pathway)

Pt. 9 (The Land of the Giants)

Pt. 10 (Thor’s Brothers)

Pt. 11 (The Blades of Chaos)

Pt. 12 (The Truth Told)

Pt. 13 (An Over Confident Son)

Pt. 14 (Back to the Realm of the Dead)

Pt. 15 (The Realm Between Realms)

Pt. 16 (The Finale)