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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice | Lets Play

Pt. 1 “The Tutorial”

Pt. 2 “Verticality”

Pt. 3 “Ashina Outskirts”

Pt. 4 “The Dag On Ogre”

Pt. 5 “Our Vision”

Pt. 6 “The Shinobi Hunter”

Pt. 7 “I Hate Snakes”

Pt. 8 “A Couple of Different Bosses”

Pt. 9 “The Horseman”

Pt. 10 “Benny the Bull”

Pt. 11 “The Rage Quit”

Pt. 12 “FINALLY”

Pt. 13 “WOLVIE”

Lets Play | Dark Souls Remaster

Pt. 1

Pt. 2 “The Minotaur Demon Troubles”

Pt. 3 “Past the Piggies and to the Gargoyles”

Pt. 4 “The Gargoyle Boss”

Pt. 5 “The Ancient Butterfly”

Pt. 6 “The Hydra Battle”

Pt. 7 ” The Golden Golem and a Nice Lady”

Pt. 8 “The Deep Underberg”

Pt. 9 “The Butchers”

Pt. 10 “The VAG Demon Boss Fight”

Pt. 11 “Blightown”

Pt. 12 “The Bottom of Blightown”

Pt. 13 “The Spider Queen”

Pt. 14 “Killing Cats and Dogs”

Pt. 15 “The Fortress”

Pt. 16 “The Iron Giant Boss”

Pt. 17 “Those D*** Archers”

Pt. 18 “The Mighty Ornstein and Smough”

Pt. 19 “The Catacombs”

Pt. 20 “Pinwheel and the Asylum”