Selling It Short: Online Only


I’ve seen a trend in a lot of game franchises that’s a little upsetting to me lately. No campaign. I’m not one of those gamers that hate everything modern and online, but I do like to play a solid, story driven game off line. Titanfall had great gameplay to it and in the Beta I loved the game, but I traded back after less than two months because I was bored with it. It does have a “Campaign” but that is still a online multiplayer match, you can’t go around and explore the world of the game or take your time looking for Easter eggs when your always being hunted down. I loved playing through Call of Duty 4’s campaign. It has a epic story. Hunting down all the Dog Tags in Battlefield 4’s single player was a lot of fun too. 

Star Wars Battlefront and Rainbow 6: Siege also don’t include a Campaign. Yes there is a single player game mode, but a single player mode that is devoid of story is shallow at best to me and just seems like a waste of disc space. I have friends that live in areas without broadband and they all say they have no interest in playing a game mode that has nothing more than random bot shooting. I know of even more people that just don’t care for online games. They all play Halo, Call of Duty, and other shooters but never cared to take the fight online.

I do love to play online and compete. I love the intense action of Battlefield 4, T-bagging fellow editor/Streamer KODxFactor after he crash’s again in the attack chopper, and I can’t wait to do the same to him in Battlefront. But I’m also kinda bummed the I can’t explore Hoth from the perspective of a Rebel trooper and take my time at it. It kinda feels to me the the developers are short sighting their own games. As much as I love Battlefield 4, I wont play it again after the next one comes out. I have no care right now for Titanfall 2, and I’m worried that the new Ghost Recon being made won’t have a campaign to it either, if so I wont be buying it. I’ve lost a lot of interest in some games lately just because they aren’t holding onto me. The initial hype fades and I feel that there was little more to it than what we saw in the trailers. I like the gameplay and elements to Destiny, but there just isn’t enough to make me play it all the time like Bungie’s past titles. True that Titanfall had more wrong with it than just the lack of adventure, and Call of Duty seems like a lost child trying to mimic the parents that abandoned it. Halo 5 has the campaign but it seemed kinda like a after thought with holes in the story, short length even on Legendary, and even the mechanics of the gameplay, like the writers don’t even know the details of the universe (Spartans don’t shoulder there weapons to aim, their suits sync with the gun sight – Halo: Fall of Reach By-Eric Nylund).
I hope this is just a short term thing and not a permanent thing with the new titles coming out. Can you imagine what Far Cry 3 would have been like without Vaas? This is nothing new to gaming overall. On PC’s, they’ve been having game that are online only for awhile now, but the console market is different. There are a lot more casual player on those platforms that have been disappointed by some of this past years most hyped titles because they aren’t wanting deathmatch or can’t even play the game itself. I’m also thinking of the preowned market. As the game becomes older it gets cheaper and players who maybe couldn’t afford it before now can and as younger games grow up they may want to play older games in a franchise that they haven’t before. But as the game gets older and with fewer players on its servers there’s that likely hood that the company will likely take them down in favor of new titles, making that game impossible to play online, or as some have found out on older Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 titles, earn achievements/trophies. For example, I have great memory’s of Battlefield: Bad Company’s great multiplayer but the servers are down permanently making it impossible for anyone new to enjoy that games online play, but it still is worth getting because it has the funny and amazing campaign. The same thing has happen to Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, you can play the amazing story by your self or split screen but you can’t do it over Xbox LIVE anymore and the DLC that has some of the coolest characters is no longer on the market place making it impossible to earn the achievements associated with them. Will the games of today become the new classics if you can’t play the game in the same or similar manner as in its prime? Only time will tell. Just something think about.

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