Top 5 – “Time to Take a Break” Franchises

Skylanders_Logo5 – Skylanders and all the other toy based games

$90.00 for a game that requires me to buy $15.00 toys to play and get more from it, or even finish, is a lot to ask for. When it goes on for 4+ years, having over 100 pieces, and 2 similar competitor while the game play only changes as much as the toys do, that’s just too much.

logos_007___dragon_ball_007_by_vicdbz-d2n5cey4 – DragonBall Z

DragonBall Z games started on the Super Famicom (Japan’s Super Nintendo) where they had many great 2D fighters. That continued with the heyday of 2D fighters of the 16-32 bit era. It continued till the PS1 and DragonBall GT. The US got ports of GT, which was bad at best, and our first real new release of a DBZ game with DragonBall Z Budokai on the PS2. By this time the series was in 3D and was already stagnant. With the recent release of Xenoverse, the series has had a game with great story but has never had that killer, extreme fighting the anime is known best for.

LEGO_logo3 – LEGO Games

Lego Star Wars, 10 years ago I played the demo to the first one on the Original Xbox. I thought it was fun and innovative. Different in a good way. I had the fun of exploring Tatooine without care of real consequences. The trend continued with Lego Batman, then Indiana Jone, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, Jurassic Park… you guys get the idea. 10 years… That’s a long time and a great run for any game franchise, but I’m running low on love for this one right now. Maybe in a few years with newer ideas and a re-visioning I can love this franchise again.

assassin_s_creed_logo_by_bawzon-d84gt7t2 – Assassin’s Creed

The first game in the series may have been a little repetitive but it pulled together some the best gameplay mechanics of the last 10 years from games before it. With the Ezio Trilogy, the series grew to become one of the defining game franchise of the last console generation. But with Assassin’s Creed 3 and the Vita’s release of Liberation, thing started to go downhill fast. Black Flag looked like a turnaround from those bad mistakes, but then Ubisoft gave us Unity…. Need I say more?

call_of_duty_advanced_warfare11 – Call of Duty

This one hurt at first. The original game on PC was vastly different from it’s current state. Call of Duty 2 was the first look at what would become the template of CoD gameplay. But most players of the game started playing at Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Using 2 different teams, 1 for the campaign and 1 for the multiplayer, and the introduction of Perks, player modifying effects, and weapon customization, Infinity Ward created a game with a Amazing story and multiplayer that set the standard for what became The BAR for online shooters of the last 8 years. Since then the franchise has morphed from a modern day military shooter set in a modern day war zone to a futuristic war shooter made by a shadow of its original creators. I’ve become more and more bored with the COD franchise since the release of Modern Warfare 3, which I traded in after only 40 day. Rival FPS’s are trying new things with multiplayer, While it hasn’t all worked out at least they are trying to come up with new ideas. Recent CoD games just seem to be be trying out other franchises ideas and haven’t came up with a original change to the core gameplay since 2005. That is why Call of Duty is my Number 1 “Game Franchise That needs a ____”.

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