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Lawbreakers Review

Beat gravity into submission in LawBreakers, an exhilarating new first-person shooter where even the laws of physics can be shattered, creating unprecedented gravity-based combat, resulting in an ever-evolving and bloody arena. Master a cast of Anti-heroes to conduct a savage symphony of vertical role-based combat across a rebuilt American landscape in this mature multiplayer FPS from industry veteran Cliff Bleszinski and Boss Key Productions.

A Cast Of Killers: Revel in unparalleled vertical violence by mastering the skills of an array of diverse anti-heroes, ranging from Cronos, a murderer who survived electrocution on death row to Axel, a federal agent with a tattered past fighting for justice. Whether you kill for the nobility of the “Law,” or are out for blood as a “Breaker,” these symmetrical roles satisfy any appetite in an arena where the most skilled player and team will rise.

Threats From Every Angle: Experience visceral gameplay that is a cut above the competitive FPS genre; with variable gravity effects, unique Role based movement systems and Gravity manipulating abilities, making combat truly three dimensional. Become a gravity surfing killer and annihilate your enemies with grappling blades, reverse blind firing, time dilation, jetpacks and much more.
Modes that Matter: Fight to the death in intense Game Modes that elevate the Arena Shooter genre to all new levels. LawBreakers’ signature brand of gravity induced chaos combined with innovative takes on multiplayer game modes offers a truly unique and highly competitive experience.

A World Reimagined: Experience a futuristic America, years after a global seismic event known as “The Shattering” forever changed the landscape and even gravity itself. Become immersed into a raging conflict between Law and Breakers across iconic Locations including the boiling oceans of Santa Monica, a gravity ravaged Grand Canyon and nearly unrecognizable Mount Rushmore.

Fan Review : 47% Excellent
Good: 24% | Average: 18% | Poor: 11%


7 Days to Die Reaction

7 Days to Die
7 Days to Die

I know the game has been out for a few weeks already, and not to mention the game is getting trashed on gaming websites around the world, but we are actually having some fun with it. I think it is games like this that show that you really have to take reviews with a grain of salt. Sure, reviews do matter, and point out ins and outs of games, but I think that some sites get a little to picky when it comes to pointing out game flaws. 7 Days to Die is not the greatest when it comes to graphics, controls, has some minor bugs, but even so they game does deliver on what should really count. FUN. I spent over 25 hours in the game building with my friends and waiting on the every 7 day hoard runs! Is it scary? It has its moments, but to me this is a grown mans Minecraft with zombies! Collect resources, and build, build, and build. The best rule of thumb is to try out the demo for the game, and watch plenty of videos on the game to see for yourself and see the game in action.

Watch_Dogs 2 Revealed

Set in the Francisco Bay Area, new protagonist Marcus is set to take on the tech world. The whole open world will be hack-able, unlike the first one where only certain individuals were hack-able.

“Marcus is much more expressive, both in his behavior and in his fighting style,” creative director Jonathan Morin said. “He’s going to feel completely different than Aiden. There’s a different flow to his approach.”

“We have a world that encourages you to explore the Bay Area, and it rewards you for meeting other people in the world, playing cooperatively, and completing quests to gain followers for DedSec,” Bélanger said. “We’re encouraging the world [building] team to push all of their ingredients farther.”

Watch_Dogs 2 will be released on November 15th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC

PT Inspired Visage Looking GOOD

The PT (Konami cancelled Silent Hills Game) inspired game Visage is looking very very good, and not to mention creepy. The game will pull inspiration from the once playable demo on the PlayStation Store. What started out as a straight re-creation of what was already there, took a new life on itself.
“[Visage] is going to feel a lot more like an adventure/play-a-movie game, rather than an action horror game with jump scares all around,” Visage programmer Jonathan Gagné said.

“Visage will make players focus on details,” says Gagné. “You’ll always feel like something’s off, without really knowing what, until a decisive moment.”

Some of the games events will trigger at random and will try to never do the same thing twice or in a row. This in hopes will make the game replayable to gamers since they are only expecting the games playthrough to last on 6-8 hours.

“You’ll have to venture the rooms, in search for clues about what happened and what’s going to happen,” Gagné says. “You’ll find fragment of stories all around the house, and it will be up to you to uncover the story or find means to escape. Also, it’s psychological horror, your (protagonist’s) mind will play tricks on you, just like the nightmares in Phantasmagoria.”

Visage plans to launch on PC with VR support in January 2017 with Xbox One and Playstation 4 support to come after if it can meet its crowd funding goal!

Friday the 13th is COMING!

Now that the new Friday the 13th got crowd funded on kickstarter, it is aiming for a October 2016 release window.  At PAX South, the CZ_PWYsVAAA6wn_game creator revealed some nice screenshots of the character models and revealed some awesome sounding Killer Jason moves.

  • Jason rips off your leg and walks away with it.
  • Jason slits your throat and drowns you in a toilet.
  • Jason folds you in half in a beach chair.
  • Jason crushes your head in a TBA metal object.
  • Jason curbstomps your spine.
  • Jason rips the top of your skull off.
  • Jason smashes you against a tree in your sleeping bag a la Friday the 13th Part VII

“There’s a lot of brutal kills,” the game’s co-creator and designer Ronnie Hobbs said. “If we get away with half of this stuff it’ll be a miracle.”

“We’re not interested in compromising what made the film franchise so popular. We’re interested in building precisely what we, as fans, want: The ultimate Friday the 13th experience,” they said at the time. Blood, guts, gore, brutal kills, and more. You want an experience true to the films, and so do we. It’s about creative control and delivering the best game we can. We want to share that control, with you, not a publisher.”

Its not just the cool character models that get us excited but more so how the game is to be played. It is a multiplayer game that features 1 player playing as Jason, and 7 others that play as camp counselors that each have different abilities. From a Jock to a Nerd, each have different skill sets and need each other to work together, however you have to be able to trust your teamates!

“The nerd can fix the truck quickly, for example, but can’t run fast. So the jock might want to help him gather heavy parts and tools and then, when Jason shows up, leave the slow, unlucky nerd behind,”.

The game is set to release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC this October!

Star Wars: Battlefront Review

Star Wars: Battlefront | DICE | EA
Star Wars: Battlefront | DICE | EA

What better game would we look at on one of the franchises biggest weekends? With the release of the “The Force Awakens” we finally get our full grips on Battlefront, the shooter from DICE that looks to take us back to the originals. This game does feature the big battles that we have always wanted to play, and characters we have always wanted to play as. Luke, Vader, Han, Bubba Fet, with a few more.

Dice’s approach to Star Wars was to keep the Star Wars fans happy by giving us massive battles (with a Battlefield feel) with a Star Wars twist to it and I believe they widely succeeded in that. The game looks amazing and is very engaging. However this is a very VERY thin offering on the single player front. There is no Story Mode, which would have been a nice addition. Battlefront is more of a game that you have to play in increments. Playing more than 20 plus hours will leave you wishing for more, but for those initial 19 hours you are in awe and can wear the game thin pretty quickly.

To go along with the fantastic graphics, DICE did deliver some excellent sound effects that trap us in the world of Star Wars. Imagine the fighting of Vader and Luke and feeling the awesome effects of a light saber duel. The sounds of the storm trooper blasters blasting by your head, and the fighters as you battle on Hoth.

The game is fun and may lack some single player appeal, however there is an abundance of multiplayer game modes, and if you are an online gamer (such as myself) you will be very happy. I am not going to name them all, but a couple of the stand outs are Heroes Vs. Villains, which is just as it sounds. Each player will pick one of three heroes or villains and will go head to head. Each player will get a handful of CPU controlled NPC’s but the object here is to kill the other player and get their coin drops. First player to reach 100 wins.

Survival was also fun, and me and my son had a nice opportunity to sit back and play together for a number of hours. You are to hold off wave of storm troopers, and as the waves increase so do the enemies. New enemies will spawn along with some vehicles.

Battlefront seems to me as more of a tribute to the original trilogy than a fleshed out game. In some instances it felt more of a battlefield clone, with a Star Wars skin. Don’t get me wrong. The game is fun, and does have its moments, however there is a lack of substance and uniqueness. We also wish there was more of an incentive to the level progression system. Some will say, “Hey its Battlefront, what else you expecting”. From DICE a bit more, and how about a game that had a unique feel and doesn’t feel like a game that I have played for the past couple of years. There has to be a bit more to keep me engaged and not so repetitive.