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My Issues with Rainbow Six Siege

111276bI am sure that if you are one of the thousands of online gamers in the community trying to play Rainbow Six Siege (we are playing on Xbox One) then you are having a lot of issues connecting to the servers for online play. Since the game launched I have had nothing but connectivity issues. From connecting to the game servers, to getting kicked from games randomly in the middle of gameplay.

Now I know this is not a connectivity issue on our end, but rather an issue on Ubisofts end (mostly because the error message says unable to connect to Ubisoft Servers). This is such a major disappointment for a series that prides itself on its online multiplayer. Now we have not reviewed this game, and for good reason. If we reviewed it right now I would score well below an average score. Not because the game is horrible, but rather there are a lot of bugs and online connection issues. We know it could Funny-angry-babyscore much better if they can fix the online issues, but until then we are keeping this on the shelf.

If you are, or have gotten Rainbow Six Siege, we do try and play every night, have even tried on our live feed Twitch channel, just have had a lot of issues connecting. When we do connect and get playing it does pretty well, and it is fun. Please, for the love of everything holy, if you have a MIC, TALK TO YOUR TEAMATES! This is a game that is based on communication and when your in a game and only 2 out of 5 team members are communicating, it can make for a very frustrating night! TALK! ENGLISH MF . . . DO YOU SPEAK IT? If you don’t catch the movie reference shame on you! Just leave your party chat and jump into game chat so everyone can communicate!