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LEGO Marvel Avengers Review

LEGO Marvel Avengers | Warner Bros. Interactive | TT Games
LEGO Marvel Avengers | Warner Bros. Interactive | TT Games

When it comes to the LEGO games I have always been a little bit partial since I have always been a fan of their games since day one. LEGO Star Wars was like a dream come true, even as bad as the newer Star Wars movies were the LEGO games made them a little bearable, at lease for a little while. Then they moved on to Super Heroes! From LEGO Batman, to LEGO Marvel and now we get our first view of their telling of the Avenger Story-arc.

The game does open with the opening cinematic from the NEW “Age of Ultron” film, but then quickly backtracks to the opening of the first Avengers film, then into each Avengers story that helped bring them all together. Sure there are things about this game that do make it one of the weakest in the series but for most kids the game is fun, however do expect to help with some of the games puzzles. There are plenty of them and they do pop up quite often.

If you are like me and an avid LEGO game player then you are familiar with the formula. Beat up everything to collect coins, and build pieces back up to complete puzzles. Oh, and of course, each character has different and unique abilities and only certain ones can complete certain parts of the puzzle. The one new added formula is the quick time event combos that the Avengers have with each other.

The Avengers, like the other LEGO games are Co-Op. Online and couch. Meaning that you can play this game with a friend online or in the same room, on the same television, which is how me and my son like to play it. Its nice to have me playing with him because, as I said before, some of the puzzles are a little bit difficult. There are a couple of sequences that make having a second player pretty pointless but for the most part it is what you would expect from a LEGO game.

All in all, this is a solid game, but does it fair better than many of the other LEGO games in the companies library? Not to me, maybe since I played the other LEGO Marvel game and thought it was much better, but for kids that love the series, it will be just as fun as any of those titles. Follows the same formula, and goes through both main stories of the Avengers!