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Lets Play | Marvel’s Spider-Man

Pt. 1 “Welcome to NY City”

Pt. 2 “Oh You Kingpin”

Pt. 3 “OTTO!”

Pt. 4 “Bookbags and Towers”

Pt. 5 “Aunt May Surprise”

Pt. 6 “MJ!”

Pt. 7 “Night Hunting and Side Missions”

Pt. 8 “The Demon Hideouts”

Pt. 9 “Oh You Mr. Lee”

Pt. 10 “My New Spider Suits”

Pt. 11 “New Arms and Miles”

Pt. 12 “Silver Sable Being Ungrateful”

Pt. 13 “The Cage Has Been Rattled”

Pt. 14 “Electro and Rhino”

Pt. 15 “Vulture and Electro Fight”

Pt. 16 “Rhino and Scorpion Fight”

Pt. 17 “The Hunt for Li”

Pt. 18 “The Finale”

GSN – Episode 58 (“U.S. of Disney”)


We are back after being off for three weeks due to a work trip, and two weeks of the FLU making its rounds to everyone on the staff! We get back on track and take a look at the Olympics going on right now, and the life of Disney and who is bigger. The success of Black Panther, and we are also joined by our Canadian friends Briggs!

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Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite Fan Review

Death is visited by Jedah Dohma, who proposes an alliance to achieve equilibrium between life and death on both their worlds. Needing the six Infinity Stones to do so, Death deceives Thanos and Ultron into aiding her, granting Thanos the Space Stone and sending Ultron to retrieve the Reality Stone from Abel CitySigma intercepts Ultron, and the two forge an alliance. They betray the others and use the Space and Reality Stones to merge the two dimensions and fuse themselves into a single being named “Ultron Sigma”. To wipe out biological life, they begin unleashing an evolved form of the Sigma Virus that turns organic creatures to synthetic beings under their control. An alliance of heroes from both worlds is formed, and they rescue Thanos from imprisonment. They secure him in a containment field at Avengers Tower, but Thor becomes infected and escapes. To gain their trust, Thanos reveals the locations of the remaining four Infinity Stones, and teams of heroes are dispatched to find them.

In ValkandaRyu and Hulk are captured by Black Panther and Monster Hunter, but are interrupted by Captain America and Chun-Li‘s arrival. Panther refuses to surrender the Time Stone, but Ultron Sigma’s drones arrive and spread the virus, infecting a Dah’ren Mohran. Ryu and Hulk defeat the creature, and Panther agrees to give them the Stone. DanteArthur and Doctor Strange travel to the Dark Kingdom, where Ghost Rider and Morrigan Aensland are pursuing a soul-stealing thief. Morrigan leads them to Jedah, who is using the Soul Stone to feed souls to a Symbiote creature, hoping to use it against Ultron Sigma. The heroes battle Dormammu and Firebrand, but Jedah escapes with the Stone.

Chris Redfield and Spider-Man infiltrate an A.I.M.brella facility. They run into Frank West, who is performing his own investigation, and discover M.O.D.O.K. turning people into B.O.W.s. at Jedah’s demand. The heroes free Mike Haggar from containment and defeat M.O.D.O.K.’s enforcer, Nemesis. They take the Mind Stone, but are attacked by Jedah and his Symbiote. On KnowmoonCaptain MarvelRocket RaccoonGamoraNovaStrider Hiryu and X defeat Grandmaster Meio and rescue Zero from his control. Upon taking the Power Stone, the station ejects its core, which falls towards New Metro City carrying a massive Sigma Virus payload.

While Doctor LightIron ManSpencer and Hawkeye build a weapon to harness the Infinity Stones, Ultron Sigma attacks Avengers Tower. In the carnage, Thanos is released and attacks Ultron Sigma, cracking the Reality Stone and forcing him to retreat. As Chris’s team is pursued by the Symbiote, the heroes return to repel it. They use their Stones to destroy the Symbiote and the falling core, but are infected in the process. With hours left until they are turned, the heroes head for Xgard. While one group distracts Ultron Sigma, the rest infiltrate Sigma’s laboratory to finish their weapon, the Infinity Buster. When Thanos learns of Death and Jedah’s partnership, he becomes enraged and betrays the heroes, absorbing Ryu’s Satsui no Hadō before departing. Dante returns to the Dark Kingdom and reclaims the Soul Stone from Jedah. He arrives in Xgard and pretends to surrender the Stone, but because they have no souls, Ultron Sigma is overwhelmed by the Stone and transformed into Ultron Omega. The Soul Stone purges the Sigma Virus within Thor, returning him to normal. The others appear and install the Infinity Buster into X, who uses it to destroy Ultron Omega.

In the aftermath, the virus is neutralized, but because the Reality Stone was cracked, the universes cannot be separated again. The heroes agree to protect the new world and split the Infinity Stones between them to keep them safe. Jedah tells Death that he has another plan, but Thanos arrives seeking vengeance against them. Believing the Satsui no Hadō is capable of killing Death, he attacks them with a Hadouken.

Fan Review : 63% Excellent
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