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Tekken 7 Review

The game’s story is told through the perspective of a reporter who attempts to write an exposé about Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corporation following the deaths of his wife and son in crossfire during the world war precipitated by Jin Kazama. After the events of Tekken 6, Nina Williams leads the Zaibatsu to find Jin, who disappeared somewhere in the Middle East after defeating Azazel. Heihachi Mishima takes advantage of the vacuum of power to force Nina into submission, thus gaining the Zaibatsu again. Heihachi and Nina then make a deal with Claudio Serafino, head of the powerful Sirius Marksmen organization, to help him expose Kazuya Mishima, head of the G Corporation, as possessing the Devil Gene and turn the public opinion in favor of the Zaibatsu. Claudio senses a powerful force in the Far East that is unconnected to either Jin or Kazuya.

The reporter researches about the history of the Mishima family, learning that Heihachi’s coup against his father, Jinpachi and the disappearance of his wife, Kazumi, happened in the same year he threw Kazuya off a ravine. Meanwhile, the United Nations intelligence group has managed to locate Jin, but Jin evades capture long enough for him to be rescued by Lars Alexandersson. Lars takes Jin to recuperate in the Violet Systems, where Lee Chaolan has fixed Alisa Bosconovitch following her destruction in the previous game. The Zaibatsu attacks the compound, but the trio are able to secure Jin. The reporter, having rendezvoused with Lee and Lars, tries to kill Jin in his sleep, but is discouraged by Lars, who says that Jin is the only person capable of stopping the conflict.

The force sensed by Claudio is eventually revealed to be Akuma. Akuma has made his presence to fulfill a promise he made to Kazumi: that he will kill Heihachi and Kazuya. He defeats Heihachi at the Mishima Dojo and proceeds to the G Corporation’s Millenium Tower. Heihachi, having survived, declares himself dead to the public before capturing and exposing images of a transformed Kazuya to the public. Claudio then uses a satellite to shoot a beam that obliterates the Millenium Tower. However, Kazuya survives and shoots lasers to bring down the satellite, destroying a town and once again slandering the Zaibatsu. The reporter uses this opportunity to inform the Zaibatsu about the exposé he has written about them, but to his surprise, Heihachi offers to meet him in person. The latter recounts about Kazumi and the night he killed her in self-defense after learning that she possessed the Devil Gene and was in fact sent by her family to kill him.

Heihachi and Kazuya go to a volcano to have their final battle. After a long struggle, Kazuya kills Heihachi and throws him down into a volcano. The story finally shifts to the reporter, who completes his exposé and publishes it. In a post-credits scene, the world is in peril due to Kazuya targeting every nation, but Jin wakes up and meets with Lee, Lars, and Alisa, promising to put an end to the war once and for all by defeating Kazuya.

A special match that follows the credits details Kazuya’s encounter with Akuma after killing Heihachi. The outcome of their battle is not revealed.

Fan Review : 43% Excellent | 43% Average
Good: 14% | Poor: 0%

Injustice 2 Review

After the defeat of High Councilor Superman, Batman and his insurgency attempt to piece society back together. However, a new group of villains led by Gorilla Grodd known as “The Society”, consisting of Bane, Captain Cold, Catwoman, Cheetah, Deadshot, Poison Ivy, Reverse-Flash, and Scarecrow, emerges and plans for world domination. With several of his allies either victims of or collaborators with Superman’s failed regime, Batman is forced to form a new team of superheroes to combat the Society. He sends Black Canary, Green Arrow, and Harley Quinn to combat Grodd and his forces at Slaughter Swamp and Gorilla City. While in Gorilla City, Doctor Fate warns Green Arrow and Black Canary of an incoming threat towards the planet. After defeating Grodd, the two are abducted by Brainiac, the aforementioned threat, who originally came to the planet to reclaim Superman after he evaded Krypton’s destruction, but became interested in abducting Earth’s cities for study. After Brainiac takes over Batman’s communications hub, Brother Eye, Batman searches for allies to combat Brainiac. Batman questions an imprisoned Superman, only to learn that he will need Superman’s help in order to defeat Brainiac.

Meanwhile, Black Adam has found Kara Zor-El’s disabled evacuation ship in space and brings her to Earth, giving partial truths about her cousin. After the two free Wonder Woman from an Amazonian prison, they remain in solitary with the Amazon princess in Kahndaq, where they plan to release Superman and his associates from prison to bring the Regime back to life. Kara dons a costume similar to her cousin and becomes “Supergirl”. When they see Brainiac’s forces attacking the Earth, they attempt to free Superman from his imprisonment.

Catwoman is revealed to be Batman’s double agent within The Society, and frees Harley from Gorilla City. Batman requests the Flash‘s help in combating Brainiac’s forces and the Society in Metropolis. Flash is reunited with Green Lantern, and join Batman’s insurgency. Batman sends Hal to Atlantis to gain Aquaman‘s assistance. Arthur refuses to co-operate at first, but relents after Brainiac’s assault on Atlantis. Back at the metahuman prison, Firestorm and Blue Beetle to prevent Superman’s jailbreak. After Firestorm threatens to blow up the facility, Batman arrives and releases Superman from custody, admitting to needing Superman’s help.

Cyborg, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn are sent to the Batcave to free Brother Eye from Brainiac’s control in order to coordinate civilian evacuation efforts. Wonder Woman takes Supergirl to Metropolis, and openly doubts Batman’s plan. When she comes close to killing Cheetah and Harley Quinn, Supergirl stops her and heads to the Fortress of Solitude to confront Superman on the matter. When she discovers what Superman and the Regime have done, she is appalled by her cousin’s actions. The Kryptonians and Batman attempt to take on Brainiac’s ship, but his shields are too strong and he seemingly kills Superman in the process. With the majority of Earth’s cities abducted, Brainiac prepares to eradicate the planet. The heroes create a plan to weaken Brainiac’s shields by using Black Adam’s Rock of Eternity at Kahndaq while using Aquaman’s trident as a conduit.

While Aquaman and Black Adam gather their resources, Grodd pursues the pair with a brainwashed Black Canary, Blue Beetle, and Green Arrow. After Aquaman kills Grodd, the two kings successfully weaken Brainiac’s shields enough for Batman and Supergirl to break in. The two are captured, but are rescued by Superman. After Batman and Superman defeat a brainwashed Firestorm and Swamp Thing, they are confronted by Doctor Fate, who is being forced by his helm to help Brainiac, as the Lords of Order believe Brainiac will bring order to the chaos the two heroes have unleashed on Earth with their war. Batman and Superman defeat both Fate and Brainiac. Superman takes control of the ship and manages to restore most of the cities back to their original location.

The heroes are divided over deciding Brainiac’s fate. Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Supergirl believe in sparing Brainiac in order to restore the lost cities. Superman, Aquaman, Black Adam, and Wonder Woman believe he should be killed to eliminate his potential threat, as well as using Brainiac’s ship. Batman attacks Superman with a gold kryptonite-laden dagger and a battle ensues. Batman and Superman defeat each other’s teammates before engaging in a final battle against each other in the Batcave. The final battle has two endings, depending on which side the player chooses.

If Superman wins, he spares Batman’s life, as he believes the people would see Batman as a martyr. He kills Brainiac and successfully bonds with the ship, allowing him to restore the remaining cities and put Earth at peace. He offers an imprisoned Supergirl the chance to join his army to protect the Earth. She refuses, but is horrified when she sees Batman under Superman’s control.

If Batman wins, he depowers Superman and imprisons him in the Phantom Zone before offering Supergirl a partnership on the Justice League.

Fan Review : 68% Excellent
Good: 19% | Average: 5% | Poor: 8%