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Far Cry: Primal Review

Far Cry: Primal | Xbox One | Ubisoft
Far Cry: Primal | Xbox One | Ubisoft

Far Cry: Primal is a prime example of how good a game can be with a simple change of scenery. Sure Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 were great games, but they were very familiar with each other, as in the scenery and time table were very familiar. Primal opened up a whole new world to gamers and we LOVE IT!

It’s 10,000 BC, and our protagonist Takkar is searching for the lost members of his Wenja tribe. They’re scattered across the Oros Valley, a vibrant wilderness of forests, swamps, and frozen caves, complete with mammoths, snakes, Rhinos, and sabertooth tigers. As Takkar, you’ll build up a new Wenja village with a wide variety of characters. The progression of the game is set up perfectly because as you level yourself up, and enhance your skills you venture into the wilderness and find people that can help expand your camp and your skills.

If you have played the last couple Far Cry games you are pretty familiar with how hunting for animals will be crucial along with other things among the forest to help enhance your weapons and build new ones. The animal skins and hides will also be used to level up your camp as well, which you will need to build more huts, especially as your camp grows.

Unlike the other Far Cry games, the world of Primal is even more dangerous than finding your enemies. Sure you will have enemy camps that you will have to capture, weapons to find and unlock and skills to enhance, but it is the world of Primal that sets itself a part and becomes a challenge for gamers more so than past iterations. The world is dangerous and anything and everything can hurt you badly to kill you. Getting caught in the grips of a fast cougar, or getting poisoned by a snake you backed into while fighting off enemies are just some of the examples of what could happen to you. Have you seen the Oscar winning film “The Revanant”? Remember the bear attack? PRIMAL!

This is a game that will make you keep your bag you cary with you full. Stay stocked up on your meats for you to use for health because it will become a necessity, especially at night. The games finer points comes with its Beast Master ability. This will allow you to level up and the higher you rank the stronger the animal you can control. You can go from a wolf, to a sabertooth Tiger, and I will go on as to say that this is VERY VERY helpful, but be sure to watch your beasts health. Keep him fed and he will fight VERY WELL for you, and YES you will need them!

Far Cry Primal is the breath of fresh air that we needed in the franchise. I didnt want another trip to a remote island that a bad guy happens to be in charge of where crime and corruption are running rampant. Primal took us back to 10,000 BC and we get to step into the shoes of ancient civilization. You will be introduced to a very interesting cast of characters and are a welcome addition to the franchise! There is no online multiplayer to this entry, which is ok because I think it would take away from the self survival aspect the game was going for!