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Doom Review

Doom | ID Software | Bethesda Studios | Xbox One
Doom | ID Software | Bethesda Studios | Xbox One

Doom is one of those games that carries with it a lot of nostalgia. It carries with it a lot of history, and ground breaking elements that paved the way for many of our favorite shooters today! For many, the original Doom was one of the first shooter games that they ever experienced, and with the new Doom, they brought us back to the time that first person shooters were just “Dumb” kill room shooters with not much substance. If you were going into Doom with the expectation that you were going to get a great story line and be introduced to elements that you have never seen before you will be disappointed, however it does perfect on elements that make first shooters what they are and keeps a lot of the the original Doom fun factors in tact.

Now on the surface Doom looks and feels like a very bland, shooter, with not much substance, but its not until you get into the later, more difficult levels that Doom begins to take form. Many of the original’s flare comes to light and the “stupid” kill room scenarios become more and more difficult and more strategic. There are certain power ups that you will learn to use at certain points, and BFG super power shots at particular times. Especially on your “third” trip to hell.

Graphically, Doom is very stylized. The environments in Mars (inside the facility) are not that impressive, but when you go out into the atmosphere, it really opens up and looks great. The Hell environment is pretty creepy as well. The gory kills are fantastic as well, and within the different environments, they will vary. Whenever you bring an enemy to his knees, you can run up to them and melee for a GORE KILL and get a really cool animation and extra health, armor, and ammo from them depending on how you are on those items.

The soundtrack is one to take note of as well, because there is a perfect blend of creepy, and HARD ROCK to get your mood shifting between kill rooms and story.

The multiplayer is where DOOM really shows it’s teeth, and if anyone had played the BETA you are well aware of what your getting into with the game. There are tons of awesome customization and unlocks you can get for your character, and the games are all very fast based! Very Unreal Tournament like. There are a good variety of game modes and maps to chose from. Just imagine a chaotic maps where multiple people are running around blowing shit up! Talk about an awesome Friday or Saturday night, and I think that is where the developers had fun creating this. It was a mulitplayer experience that they would want to have on a weekend. You come home from a hard days / weeks work and all you want to do is sit back and not think to much about a story and just shoot and blow shit up, and what better enemies and Hell’s minions to shoot at!

Doom was a pretty solid experience and even though the campaign had me wanting more with it, I get the point of it. It doesn’t take itself to seriously and just allows the gamer to sit back shoot shit up and have a good time doing it. This is a beer drinkers game and is definitely the kind of game that will leave you with many “Check this shit out” moments.