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The Jump Off | Episode 6 “Diversity”

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We look at the diversity of Women in a WWII Game that fans were getting upset with since the unveiling of Battlefield V. I highly disagree with some of the fans and LOVE DICE/EA response to them. I also look into Detroit Become Human and how it parallels today’s society.

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Lets Play | Detroit Become Human

Pt. 1 “The Negotiator”

Pt. 2 ” Kara and Markus”

Pt. 3 “Hank and the Crime Scene”

Pt. 4 “The Abuse”

Pt. 5 “A Place to Lay Low”

Pt. 6 “The Rebuilding Process”

Pt. 7 “Warming Up to Hank”

Pt. 8 “A Safe Haven”

Pt. 9 “The Mens Club”

Pt. 10 “The World Broadcast Premier”

Pt. 11 “A Peaceful Protest”

Pt. 12 “We All Come Together”

Pt. 13 “The Finale”