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Devil May Cry 5 | Lets Play

Pt. 1 “Mission 1”

Pt. 2 “Mission 2 Start”

Pt. 3 “Mission 2 Boss Fight”

Pt. 4 “Mission 3”

Pt. 5 “Mission 4”

Pt. 6 “Mission 5”

Pt. 7 “Mission 6”

Pt. 8 “Mission 7”

Pt. 9 “Mission 9”

Pt. 10 “Mission 10”

Pt. 11 “Mission 11”

Pt. 12 “Mission 12”

Pt. 13 “Mission 13”

Pt. 14 “Mission 14”

Pt. 15 “Mission 15”

Pt. 16 “Mission 16”

Pt. 17 “Mission 17”

Pt. 18 “Mission 18”

Pt. 19 “The Finale”

Resident Evil 2 | GNL Live Stream

Leon’s Playthrough (A)
“Welcome to Racoon City”

“We Continue On”

“Mr. X”

“The Smelly Sewers”

“The Finale”

Claire’s Playthrough (A)
“The Beginning of Claire’s Playthrough”

“Claire Finds Mr. X”

“Oh Sherry”

“The Sewers”

“Claire’s Finale”

The Jump Off | Episode 29 “The Game Awards”

We take a look at the Game Awards, the retail release of Hellblade, Review of Smash and the Xbox Exclusive Demo for Devil May Cry V.

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E3 2018 | Games of the Show

Here is a breakdown of our games of the show from each conference and the show overall. You can hear my Post E3 Show here: Download this episode (right click and save) You will then hear my reactions to these games and why Death Stranding was my biggest disappointment.

EA: Battlefield V
 Microsoft: Cyberpunk 2077
 Bethesda: Fallout 76
 Square Enix: Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Ubisoft: Assassins Creed Odyssey
 Sony: Marvel’s Spiderman
 Nintendo: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
 Biggest Surprise of the Show: Resident Evil 2
Biggest Disappointment: Death Stranding
 Game of the SHOW!: Cyberpunk 2077