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Star Wars: Battlefront Review

Star Wars: Battlefront | DICE | EA
Star Wars: Battlefront | DICE | EA

What better game would we look at on one of the franchises biggest weekends? With the release of the “The Force Awakens” we finally get our full grips on Battlefront, the shooter from DICE that looks to take us back to the originals. This game does feature the big battles that we have always wanted to play, and characters we have always wanted to play as. Luke, Vader, Han, Bubba Fet, with a few more.

Dice’s approach to Star Wars was to keep the Star Wars fans happy by giving us massive battles (with a Battlefield feel) with a Star Wars twist to it and I believe they widely succeeded in that. The game looks amazing and is very engaging. However this is a very VERY thin offering on the single player front. There is no Story Mode, which would have been a nice addition. Battlefront is more of a game that you have to play in increments. Playing more than 20 plus hours will leave you wishing for more, but for those initial 19 hours you are in awe and can wear the game thin pretty quickly.

To go along with the fantastic graphics, DICE did deliver some excellent sound effects that trap us in the world of Star Wars. Imagine the fighting of Vader and Luke and feeling the awesome effects of a light saber duel. The sounds of the storm trooper blasters blasting by your head, and the fighters as you battle on Hoth.

The game is fun and may lack some single player appeal, however there is an abundance of multiplayer game modes, and if you are an online gamer (such as myself) you will be very happy. I am not going to name them all, but a couple of the stand outs are Heroes Vs. Villains, which is just as it sounds. Each player will pick one of three heroes or villains and will go head to head. Each player will get a handful of CPU controlled NPC’s but the object here is to kill the other player and get their coin drops. First player to reach 100 wins.

Survival was also fun, and me and my son had a nice opportunity to sit back and play together for a number of hours. You are to hold off wave of storm troopers, and as the waves increase so do the enemies. New enemies will spawn along with some vehicles.

Battlefront seems to me as more of a tribute to the original trilogy than a fleshed out game. In some instances it felt more of a battlefield clone, with a Star Wars skin. Don’t get me wrong. The game is fun, and does have its moments, however there is a lack of substance and uniqueness. We also wish there was more of an incentive to the level progression system. Some will say, “Hey its Battlefront, what else you expecting”. From DICE a bit more, and how about a game that had a unique feel and doesn’t feel like a game that I have played for the past couple of years. There has to be a bit more to keep me engaged and not so repetitive.


Star Wars Battlefront Beta Impressions

Upon getting our hands on the Star Wars Battlefront beta, and being a huge Star Wars fan, I was very HIGH on this games release, and for good reason. Not to mention DICE being the team developing this title. The beta (at the time of writing this) is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, the same platforms that the game will release. It is open to the public, just go to your platform of preference store and just download the beta. Easy Peasy. You will have the option to try out the POD Capture multiplayer game mode, the vehicular warfare game mode, and single player survival mode which you can play with a buddy online.

The game has a very Battlefield feel to it, as the controls and some load outs are very reminiscent of Battlefield 4. You can upgrade your weapons when you have earned enough money to do so, as well as your load out items, such as grenades and side weapons. The game is very fluid, and graphically looks AMAZING! I did like seeing the fact that you can play the survival mode split screen as well, which will make many happy!

There is a lot to look forward to with this game, and if you are a Star Wars Fans this is a must have! I will definitely be getting my copy on day one!