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Prey Review

In March 2032, Morgan Yu is recruited by their brother Alex to join TranStar’s research team on Talos I. However, while taking a series of tests prior to leaving for the station, one of the supervising doctors is attacked by a Typhon and Morgan is knocked out. Morgan wakes up again in their apartment, but quickly finds out that the apartment is merely a simulated environment, and they have actually already been living on Talos I for three years. Morgan is then contacted by January, an Operator artificial intelligence that claims to have been built by Morgan. January warns Morgan that the Typhon have broken containment and taken over the station, killing the majority of the crew. It also reveals to Morgan that they had been testing neuromods for the past three years, with Morgan continually adding and removing them. However, a side effect of removing a neuromod is that the user loses all memories gained after installation of that neuromod, explaining Morgan’s memory loss. January then claims that Morgan built it to help Morgan destroy Talos I, taking the Typhon and all of its research with it. Meanwhile, Alex contacts Morgan and pleads with them to instead build a special Nullwave device that will destroy the Typhon but leave the station intact, citing how their research is too valuable to lose.

As Morgan makes their way through the station, they will come across other survivors which they may choose to help or not. Alex then tasks Morgan with scanning the Typhon “Coral” growing around the station, and discovers that the Typhon are building some sort of neural network. However, their attempts to study the neural network are interrupted when the TranStar Board of Directors learns of the containment breach and sends a cleanup crew to eliminate both the Typhon and any surviving station crew. After the cleanup crew is eliminated, Alex further analyzes the data and discovers that the Typhon are sending a signal into deep space to summon something. Suddenly, a gargantuan Typhon appears and proceeds to devour Talos I. Morgan is then given the choice of activating the station’s self destruct sequence or build the Nullwave device to defeat the Typhon.

If Morgan chooses to activate the Nullwave device, all of the Typhon on Talos I are destroyed and the station is left intact to allow further neuromod research. If Morgan chooses to activate the self destruct, then the entire station explodes, destroying all of the Typhon with it. Based on Morgan’s earlier choices, Morgan can either find a way to escape the station or is stranded and dies in the explosion as well.

In a post-credits scene, Morgan wakes up in a lab and finds out that they are not the real Morgan, but instead a captured Typhon implanted with Morgan’s memories who had been dead long before the events of Talos I in an effort to teach it human emotions and empathy, Alex explains that Earth has been invaded by the Typhons, and their only hope was to teach a Typhon about human consciousness and act as an ambassador between the two species. Alex and his Operator assistants will then judge “Morgan” based on the choices it made throughout the game. If “Morgan” failed to show any human empathy, then Alex destroys it and starts the experiment over. If “Morgan” did show human empathy, Alex lets it go, where it then has the choice of killing Alex.

Fan Review : 54% Good
Excellent: 25% | Average: 13% | Poor: 8%