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Defly is back in the studio with BlueDiamond Ben and Factor as we discuss some new worldy topics, the frequent Burger King screw ups, Factors LOWES Experience and this week in gaming news, including the new Nintendo Switch, which launches this Friday!

Halo Wars 2 Review

128094bIn 2559, after the end of the Human-Covenant War, Captain James Cutter, Professor Anders, and the crew aboard the Spirit of Fire wake from cryosleep above the Ark, where the Halo rings were manufactured. Unaware of the past 28 years, they receive a signal from the Ark. There, a Spartan team encounter an alien group known as the Banished, led by Atriox, a Brute sent on suicide missions for the Covenant and excommunicated for his growing hatred of them. An artificial intelligence, Isabel, is recovered from a destroyed UNSC research base on the Ark. However, during the ex-filtration, Alice-130 is left behind and Douglas-042 is injured.

Back on the Spirit of Fire, Isabel reveals to the crew that the portal to Earth from the Ark had closed five months ago, with Atriox invading four months later, and denounces the hopelessness of their situation and the futility of fighting such a ferocious enemy when the ship is so woefully outmatched. Emboldened by Captain Cutter, the crew declare war upon the Banished. A strike team, including Spartans, ODSTs and soldiers, manage to set up a forward base and defeat Decimus, a chief lieutenant who is salvaging the Ark’s resources. Decimus escapes and orders a bombardment upon his own base. Upon investigating the wreckage, Isabel discovers information about the Cartographer, a map of key systems and weapons upon the Ark. The team secures a Forerunner elevator and ascend to the Cartographer.

Meanwhile, Alice-130 contacts the Spirit of Fire and escapes the Ark with numerous recovered UNSC prisoners. The team, including Professor Anders, reach the Cartographer’s Map Room despite attacking Sentinels. There, she discovers that Atriox has hijacked the Ark’s portal network, allowing him to transport troops across the whole structure. While trying to shut down the portal network, the team face Decimus again and defeat him for the second and final time. Meanwhile, the Spirit of Fire comes under attack from a Banished carrier, the Enduring Conviction. Professor Anders suggests that they create a Halo using the Ark’s protocols to transport the crew away from the Ark and back into UNSC controlled space. The attacking carrier is destroyed when Isabel and Jerome-092 hijack its weapon systems to prompt the Sentinels stationed on the Ark to shatter it in two.

The Spirit of Fire releases the new Halo ring, but face immediate resistance upon it from the Brutes. Back on the Ark, Alice and Douglas capture a Scarab to destroy Brute barricades and prevent reinforcements, including Atriox, from reaching the Halo; they then use the portal network to reach the Halo themselves. There, Professor Anders is escorted to the ring’s control room, where the firing system of the structure is deactivated and a signal beacon is set. Meanwhile, the team are locked in a struggle with the remnants of the Banished’s forces, including numerous Scarabs. While within the Halo structure, Anders finds the gravity controls for the Halo. Using this, she separates the land that the remaining Banished are standing on and tosses it into space where it disintegrates. The ground forces return to the Spirit of Fire, but Anders and the Halo enter slipspace. Meanwhile, back on the Ark, Atriox and a legion of Banished still live, preparing for the next fight against the UNSC.

The Fan Review Score is: FANTASTIC (44% of Fan Vote)

Excellent: 44% | Good: 22% | Average: 17% | Poor: 17%

For Honor Review

127431bThe warlord Apollyon takes control of the knights of the Blackstone Legion after murdering his rivals, who fight for and protect the people of the land of Ashfeld, allowing her to sow the seeds of perpetual war and create stronger men to rule over the weak. During the Blackstone Legion’s attempt to bring another, dishonorable lord-turned-mercenary, Hervis Daubeny, to justice, his second-in-command, known as the Warden, helps to stop the Blackstone siege and battles the champion of the Blackstone knights. Upon defeating his opponent, the Warden is made a knight of the Blackstone Legion by Holden Cross, Apollyon’s lieutenant and leaves with him. During his time in Apollyon’s army, the Warden helps to defend against the Viking raiders of the Warborn, but soon realizes shortly after meeting with Apollyon that his commander cares nothing about protecting people and seeks to manipulate his enemies into endless battles. Starting with the Vikings, Apollyon and his warriors including Cross, the Warden and fellow lieutenants Stone and Mercy, attacks their settlements and sacks their strongholds in the northern land of Valkenheim, leaving only enough food and supplies to fight over, and sparing those who would eagerly fight for those scraps or are strong enough to do so. Sickened by this and by the senseless slaughter he helped to bring about, the Warden deserts the Blackstone Legion, soon followed by Holden.

Afterwards, in Valkenheim, the Viking clans fight amongst themselves, killing one another for the dwindling scraps left by Apollyon. One of the survivors of her final attack, a warrior known as the Raider, begins uniting the warriors of the various clans under his banner, alongside his warlord friend Stigandr, valkyrie warrior Runa and berserker Helvar, first by killing the brutal raider Ragnar, who steals what little remains from those who cannot feed themselves, and then Siv the Ruthless, who seek to conquer and plunder their own people. After killing his rivals, the Raider and his rapidly growing army retake a Warborn stronghold from knights of Apollyon’s army, and then set out to the land of the Myre to raid the Dawn Empire of the Chosen, a group of powerful Samurai, to resupply and feed their people after finding treasure in the stronghold. The Raider then leads the assault on the Samurai, and succeeds in overrunning their forces, causing them to retreat back to their greatest city. In the chaos, Apollyon strikes and kills the Dawn Empire’s ruler, killing his Daimyos that refuse to fight each other and setting free the ones she believes will kill one another and in turn become stronger.

Into this chaos is brought the Orochi warrior known as the Emperor’s champion, the strongest and most fearsome warrior in the Dawn Empire. After learning of the devastation of the Viking raid, she, fellow samurai Ayu, the Shugoki Okuma and Nobushi Momiji attempt to reunite the Daimyos under one banner, using the vikings as a common enemy to rally against. It is also during this time that the Emperor’s Champion learns of Apollyon’s manipulations of the various factions and rallies her allies to stop Apollyon, invading Ashfeld to attack Blackstone Fortress. During a scouting mission with Momiji, the Orochi is met by the Warden, now leading a rebellion against Apollyon with Holden by her side and, after dueling her, realizes they are allied against the same enemy. Both armies besiege the castle on separate fronts, with the Orochi searching for Apollyon. After finding Apollyon, the Orochi duels with and barely manages to kill her, but not before learning that she wanted to create eternal war to weed out the weak and create the strongest of men, making them evermore bloodthirsty like her. In the aftermath, the armies of all three factions attacking the Blackstone Fortress; Knight, Samurai and Viking alike all turn on each other, resulting in a terrible war lasting seven years. Realizing the war’s futility, Ayu, Holden and Stigandr meet after their respective leaders send them as envoys to end hostilities. Though all three people realize that the prospect of peace may be futile and they may all die in the attempt, they all agree that peace is worth fighting for and that it will make for an unforgettable tale.

The Fan Review Score is: GOOD (39% of Fan Vote)

GSN – Episode 12


This week we look at a couple of news stories that you might have overlooked, or really cared about to hear. We also look at this week in gaming news and we HAVE A CHALLENGE FOR SONY! Sony if you are listening we do have a fan that is ready to go the extra mile for you! We also look at what Burger King has for their customers this Valentines Day!

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