Street Fighter V Review

Street Fighter V | Capcom | PlayStation 4
Street Fighter V | Capcom | PlayStation 4

Street Fighter V takes what we know about the franchise and throws us a curve ball. Sure there is a good amount of new stages and characters that we have not seen before, but there is a familiarity with the franchise that are missing that leave us shaking our heads. Whether it is characters that have been consistent throughout, that are now replaced with characters that are either trained by the now missing, or offspring.

Honestly, Street Fighter V feels like a work in progress that was put out to early on. They are still patching the game, online was having some major issues, and a very piss poor attempt at a story mode. Sure, I know that the series was not made popular because of its story mode, but to have a story mode that I could finish in under an hour is pretty lousy. Not to mention you do not unlock any characters, or much of anything for completing them all. You play as all available characters in story fights that last no more than 10 minutes. There is no difficulty setting to increase the challenge in this mode, which makes it redundant. I went through all story modes without one loss.

The reward system is also very, very stingy. You earn in game Fight Dollars for doing various things throughout the game. Certain fights will win you fight money, which you can then use to buy items in the games online shop (which isn’t even available until March). The offline challenge mode, that offers daily skill challenges to skill players will not be live until March as well.

The core of the game is in it’s Online components. You can toggle the game to be looking for matches in ranked or casual at any point throughout the game. You can set up a lounge and invite players to it and watch and have casual fights, which you can set up public or private with a room password. You can also save, share replay endings in the lounge.

The core of Street Fighter is still present and fans of the series will enjoy it, however there is not much of a learning curve. With a few hours of practice rounds you can learn each character and who is better suited for your play style and who is not. There just seems that there is a lot that Capcom had intentions on putting into the game that they haven’t done yet, and missing pieces that are going to be put in on later dates. Its a shame for a franchise that always comes correct, and this seemed to hit that mark with a terrible launch.


Top 10: Fighting Games

We are back with another entry into the Top 10! This time, with Street Fighter V releasing tomorrow, we elected to look at the Top 10 Fighting games of all time!  Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!  HADOOKEN!

sfiv_-_x360_final_pack_front10. Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360)
Street Fighter IV takes place several months after the events of Street Fighter II (thus is chronologically set between Street Fighter II and III). After M.Bison’s survival from his encounter with Akuma, the S.I.N. corporation began another fighting tournament in order to draw out the most powerful fighters on Earth to complete the BLECE project. Each character has their own reasons for entering this tournament, but S.I.N.’s real desire is to lure Ryu to them in order to analyze the Satsui no Hadō, believed to be the last piece of data needed to complete BLECE

200831b9. Mortal Kombat (Xbox 360)
The series takes place in a fictional universe consisting of eighteen surviving realms which, according to in-game backstories, were created by the Elder Gods. The Mortal Kombat: Deception manual described six of the realms as: “Earthrealm, home to such legendary heroes as Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Sonya Blade, Johnny Cage, and Jax, and also under the protection of the Thunder God Raiden; Netherrealm, the fiery depths of which are inhospitable to all but the most vile, a realm of demons and shadowy warriors such as Quan Chi and Noob Saibot; Outworld, a realm of constant strife which Emperor Shao Kahn claims as his own; Seido, The Realm of Order, whose inhabitants prize structure and order above all else; The Realm of Chaos, whose inhabitants do not abide by any rules whatsoever, and where constant turmoil and change are worshipped; and Edenia, which is known for its beauty, artistic expression, and the longevity of its inhabitants.”[24][25] The Elder Gods decreed that the denizens of one realm could only conquer another realm by defeating the defending realm’s greatest warriors in ten consecutive Mortal Kombat tournaments.

240274b8. Super Smash Bros.  (Wii U)
Super Smash Bros. was developed by HAL Laboratory, a Nintendo first-party developer, during 1998. It began as a prototype created by Masahiro Sakurai and Satoru Iwata in their spare time titled “Dragon King: The Fighting Game”, and originally featured no Nintendo characters. However, Sakurai hit on the idea of including fighters from different Nintendo franchises in order to provide “atmosphere” which he felt was necessary for a home console fighting game, and his idea was approved.[69] The game had a small budget and little promotion, and was originally a Japan-only release, but its huge success saw the game released worldwide

KillerInstinct7. Killer Instinct (Xbox One)
Killer Instinct is a fighting video game, the third in the Killer Instinct series, developed by Double Helix Games, Iron Galaxy Studios, Rare and Microsoft Studios under supervision of Ken Lobb,[9] and released as a free-to-play launch game for the Xbox One in 2013. The game is a reboot of the series, though some plot elements from Killer Instinct and Killer Instinct 2 have been retained. Development of the game involves individuals with histories in fighting games on both the developmental and competitive sides. It received positive reviews for its mechanics and engine, but was criticized for its initial lack of content. A second season of characters was released between 2014 and 2015. A third season, along with a port of the game for Windows 10, is currently in development, scheduled for release in 2016

dragonballz_btk_e_ps26. Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (PlayStation 2)
The “Sparking!” in the Japanese title references the last lyric found in the chorus of the first opening theme to the Dragon Ball Z anime series, “Cha-La Head-Cha-La”, performed by Hironobu Kageyama. However, the opening theme to the first game is the TV series’ second opening, “We Gotta Power” (featured in the Japanese version; the English version includes a different, non-vocal song), which is also performed by Kageyama.

melee5. Super Smash Bros Melee (Gamecube)
Super Smash Bros. Melee (Japanese: 大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズDX Hepburn: Dairantō Sumasshu Burazāzu Derakkusu?, “Great Melee Smash Brothers DX”, with “DX” pronounced as “deluxe”) is a crossover fighting game released for the GameCube, released in Japan in November 2001, with other territories later. It is the second game in the Super Smash Bros. series, following the first game. HAL Laboratory developed the game, with Masahiro Sakurai as head of production.

MK24. Mortal Kombat II (Sega Genesis)
Following his failure to defeat Liu Kang in the Mortal Kombat tournament, the evil Shang Tsung begs his master Shao Kahn, supreme ruler of Outworld and the surrounding kingdoms, to spare his life. He tells Shao Kahn that if they hold it in Outworld the invitation for the next Mortal Kombat cannot be turned down, and the Earthrealm warriors must attend. Kahn agrees to this plan and also restores Shang Tsung’s youth. He then extends the invitation to the thunder god and Earthrealm’s protector, Raiden, who gathers his warriors and takes them into Outworld. The new tournament is much more dangerous, as Shao Kahn has the home field advantage, and an Outworld victory will allow him to subdue Earthrealm.

Tekken33. Tekken 3 (PlayStation)
Nineteen years after the King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2, Heihachi Mishima has established the Tekken Force: a paramilitary organization dedicated to the protection of the Mishima Zaibatsu. A squadron of the Tekken Force searches an ancient temple located in Mexico under the premise of an excavation project. Soon after arriving there, Heihachi learns that they have been obliterated by a mysterious yet malevolent creature who is known simply as Ogre. Heihachi, having captured a brief glimpse of Ogre with his own two eyes before its immediate disappearance now seeks to capture Ogre in the hopes of harnessing its immense fighting power for his own personal gain. Soon after, various martial artists end up dead, attacked, or missing from all over the world, with Ogre behind it.

mvc22. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (PlayStation 2)
Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes. Hepburn: Māvuru bāsasu Kapukon Tū: Nyū Eiji obu Hīrōzu?) is a crossover fighting game developed and published by Capcom. It is the fourth installment in the Marvel vs. Capcom series, which features characters from both Capcom’s video game franchises and comic book series published by Marvel Comics. Originally released in Japanese arcades in 2000, the game received ports to the Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360, and iOS devices over the span of twelve years.

7154-soulcalibur-dreamcast-front-cover1. Soul Calibur (Dreamcast)
The mystical sword of the legends, the “Soul Edge”, ended up in the hands of the dreaded pirate Cervantes de Leon of Spain. For the next 25 years he stayed dormant on the remnants of a Spanish port town, taking the souls of those who reached him during their search of the sword. His reign of terror was soon to start, but through the joined efforts of Greek divine warrior Sophitia Alexandra and Japanese ninja Taki, he was stopped and killed, with one of the twin Soul Edge blades being shattered in the process. As it was about to tear itself apart, young Prussian knight Siegfried Schtauffen approached the port town and battled Cervantes, whose corpse had been momentarily reanimated through Soul Edge’s will. After emerging victorious, Siegfried’s attention turned unto the sword. The moment he took the hilt of the cursed blade, Soul Edge released a bright column of light into the sky. This was known as the “Evil Seed”, bound to bring calamity and death in its wake.

Call of Duty Coming Later This Year

It is now official and the next entry into the “Call of Duty” franchise and it is being developed by Infinity Ward.  According to Activision the game will be a “innovative new take” on the franchise and will land Infinity Ward on the 3 year development cycle.

It is not known what the name of the game is or what title they will follow, however rumors are that we may be looking at either “Modern Warfare 4” or a step back into time, much like the first couple games in the franchise.

360 Backwards Compatibility List (So Far)

If you have an Xbox One, and had a Xbox 360 you may have been excited to find out about the backwards compatibility of the Xbox One. Microsoft has been adding games per month and as of TODAY (2-7-16) here are the games that are available!

A Kingdom for Keflings
A World of Keflings
Aegis Wing
Age of Booty
Alien Hominid HD
Assassin’s Creed II
Asteroids & Deluxe
Banjo Kazooie: Nuts n Bolts
Banjo Tooie
Banjo Kazooie
BattleBlock Theater
Bejeweled 2
Bellator: MMA Onslaught
Beyond Good & Evil HD
Blood of the Werewolf
BloodRayne: Betrayal
Call of Juarez Gunslinger
Castle Crashers
Centipede & Millipede
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Crazy Taxi
Deadliest Warrior: Legends
Defense Grid
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Dirt 3
Dirt Showdown
Discs of Tron
Doom II
Doritos Crash Course
Dungeon Siege III
Earthworm Jim HD
Fable II
Fable III
Fallout 3
Feeding Frenzy
Feeding Frenzy 2
Gears of War
Gears of War 2
Gears of War 3
Gears of War: Judgment
Golden Axe
Halo: Reach
Halo: Spartan Assault
Hardwood Backgammon
Hardwood Hearts
Hardwood Spades
Heavy Weapon
Hexic HD
Hydro Thunder
Iron Brigade
Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad
Jetpac Refuelled
Joy Ride Turbo
Just Cause 2
Kane & Lynch 2
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game
Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga
Lode Runner
Lumines Live!
Mass Effect
Metal Slug 3
Metal Slug XX
Might & Magic Clash of Heroes
Mirror’s Edge
Missile Command
Monday Night Combat
Monkey Island: SE
Monkey Island 2: SE
Motocross Madness
Ms. Splosion Man
Ms Pac-Man
Mutant Blobs Attack
NBA Jam: On Fire Edition
Nights Into Dreams
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
Pac-Man C.E
Pac-man CE DX+
Perfect Dark
Perfect Dark Zero
Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds
Pinball FX
Plants vs. Zombies
Portal: Still Alive
Prince of Persia
Putty Squad
Rayman 3 HD
Red Dead Redemption
R-Type Dimensions
Sacred 3
Sacred Citadel
Sam & Max Save the World
Sega Vintage Collection: Alex Kidd & Co.
Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World
Sega Vintage Collection: Streets of Rage
Shadow Complex
Small Arms
Sonic CD
Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Sonic The Hedgehog 3
South Park: The Stick of Truth
Space Giraffe
Splosion Man
Super Meat Boy
Supreme Commander 2
Ticket to Ride
TC’s RainbowSix Vegas
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas2
Toy Soldiers
Toy Soldiers Cold War
Tron: Evolution
Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon
Viva Piñata
Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
Wolfenstein 3D
Zuma’s Revenge!

PT Inspired Visage Looking GOOD

The PT (Konami cancelled Silent Hills Game) inspired game Visage is looking very very good, and not to mention creepy. The game will pull inspiration from the once playable demo on the PlayStation Store. What started out as a straight re-creation of what was already there, took a new life on itself.
“[Visage] is going to feel a lot more like an adventure/play-a-movie game, rather than an action horror game with jump scares all around,” Visage programmer Jonathan Gagné said.

“Visage will make players focus on details,” says Gagné. “You’ll always feel like something’s off, without really knowing what, until a decisive moment.”

Some of the games events will trigger at random and will try to never do the same thing twice or in a row. This in hopes will make the game replayable to gamers since they are only expecting the games playthrough to last on 6-8 hours.

“You’ll have to venture the rooms, in search for clues about what happened and what’s going to happen,” Gagné says. “You’ll find fragment of stories all around the house, and it will be up to you to uncover the story or find means to escape. Also, it’s psychological horror, your (protagonist’s) mind will play tricks on you, just like the nightmares in Phantasmagoria.”

Visage plans to launch on PC with VR support in January 2017 with Xbox One and Playstation 4 support to come after if it can meet its crowd funding goal!

LEGO Marvel Avengers Review

LEGO Marvel Avengers | Warner Bros. Interactive | TT Games
LEGO Marvel Avengers | Warner Bros. Interactive | TT Games

When it comes to the LEGO games I have always been a little bit partial since I have always been a fan of their games since day one. LEGO Star Wars was like a dream come true, even as bad as the newer Star Wars movies were the LEGO games made them a little bearable, at lease for a little while. Then they moved on to Super Heroes! From LEGO Batman, to LEGO Marvel and now we get our first view of their telling of the Avenger Story-arc.

The game does open with the opening cinematic from the NEW “Age of Ultron” film, but then quickly backtracks to the opening of the first Avengers film, then into each Avengers story that helped bring them all together. Sure there are things about this game that do make it one of the weakest in the series but for most kids the game is fun, however do expect to help with some of the games puzzles. There are plenty of them and they do pop up quite often.

If you are like me and an avid LEGO game player then you are familiar with the formula. Beat up everything to collect coins, and build pieces back up to complete puzzles. Oh, and of course, each character has different and unique abilities and only certain ones can complete certain parts of the puzzle. The one new added formula is the quick time event combos that the Avengers have with each other.

The Avengers, like the other LEGO games are Co-Op. Online and couch. Meaning that you can play this game with a friend online or in the same room, on the same television, which is how me and my son like to play it. Its nice to have me playing with him because, as I said before, some of the puzzles are a little bit difficult. There are a couple of sequences that make having a second player pretty pointless but for the most part it is what you would expect from a LEGO game.

All in all, this is a solid game, but does it fair better than many of the other LEGO games in the companies library? Not to me, maybe since I played the other LEGO Marvel game and thought it was much better, but for kids that love the series, it will be just as fun as any of those titles. Follows the same formula, and goes through both main stories of the Avengers!


Friday the 13th is COMING!

Now that the new Friday the 13th got crowd funded on kickstarter, it is aiming for a October 2016 release window.  At PAX South, the CZ_PWYsVAAA6wn_game creator revealed some nice screenshots of the character models and revealed some awesome sounding Killer Jason moves.

  • Jason rips off your leg and walks away with it.
  • Jason slits your throat and drowns you in a toilet.
  • Jason folds you in half in a beach chair.
  • Jason crushes your head in a TBA metal object.
  • Jason curbstomps your spine.
  • Jason rips the top of your skull off.
  • Jason smashes you against a tree in your sleeping bag a la Friday the 13th Part VII

“There’s a lot of brutal kills,” the game’s co-creator and designer Ronnie Hobbs said. “If we get away with half of this stuff it’ll be a miracle.”

“We’re not interested in compromising what made the film franchise so popular. We’re interested in building precisely what we, as fans, want: The ultimate Friday the 13th experience,” they said at the time. Blood, guts, gore, brutal kills, and more. You want an experience true to the films, and so do we. It’s about creative control and delivering the best game we can. We want to share that control, with you, not a publisher.”

Its not just the cool character models that get us excited but more so how the game is to be played. It is a multiplayer game that features 1 player playing as Jason, and 7 others that play as camp counselors that each have different abilities. From a Jock to a Nerd, each have different skill sets and need each other to work together, however you have to be able to trust your teamates!

“The nerd can fix the truck quickly, for example, but can’t run fast. So the jock might want to help him gather heavy parts and tools and then, when Jason shows up, leave the slow, unlucky nerd behind,”.

The game is set to release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC this October!

Its Giveaway Time!

Well its about that time! ITS GIVEAWAY TIME! We are looking to broaden our audience and the best way to do that is what? SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!! YAAAAAAY You get a cookie, and you get a cooking and you get a cookie! We have some special announcements coming in the upcoming weeks and would love to have as many people on board! We have some game codes for a few random titles we would love to give away to random folks who follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Here is how to play!

  1. Follow us on either Facebook or Twitter
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Simple! Once you do that we will select a winner at Random on Jan. 29th! Good luck and get to re-tweeting! All winners will be notified VIA the Social Media network they were chosen from.

My Top 10 Backlog

I thought this would be kind of fun to do tonight, since I was sitting here re-organizing my game shelves. I realized that there were a lot of games that I have that I have never even taken out of the wrapping, or finished. Those that I consider close friends of mine will not see that as a BIG surprise. I have many games that stretch the many different consoles throughout the years, and over that time I have many, MANY games that I have never finished. We all have them. Maybe we had to much to do at home, or we worked a lot of the time, school work to do, or just had the good ol’ fashion, “I have to many games I am trying to play through and finish” and before you know it, another game comes out that you want. I have that alot.

We all have had this feeling!
We all have had this feeling!

After going through my games, I have decided to compile a list of my (personal) games that are still in my backlog of games I NEED TO COMPLETE OR START! I would love for you to share yours as well! Let the embarrassment begin!

423909-ninja_gaiden___xbox10. Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)
I am a HUGE fan of this franchise, and upon hearing about the games resurrection on the Xbox I was extremely excited. What I was not expecting was the level of difficulty the game had. This didn’t make the game bad by any stretch of the imagination, however one of the greatest challenges that I eventually gave up on. The game was beautiful, and as I said before, CHALLENGING! I never did finish this game, although after looking at a few Youtube videos I am pretty close, and considering that I still have my original Xbox, and my original copy of the game I bought on launch day I may dive back into this one last time to finish it off. Ironically enough, I did finish Ninja Gaiden: Sigma, which was the same game just a little easier that what tormented me on the Xbox.

201328b29. Assassins Creed 3 (Xbox 360)
This franchise had a little bit of a variation of my feelings towards it. The first entry into the franchise was a bit weak and left me a bit disappointed. The second, however, left me wanting another one! I was spoiled by the Ezio story-line that I was fearful to break off of that beaten path. When we did, I only got about half way through the game before I was distracted away from it. I cant remember what game it was that took me away, but I have never gone back into the world of Assassins Creed 3. Not because it was a bad game, but just because I got pulled away by another title. Sorry Ubisoft!

270173b8. Metal Gear Solid IV: Guns of the Patriot (PlayStation 3)
I do not know for the life of me why I never went back in to finish the story of Snake but shamefully I did not. It is still sitting on my shelf collecting dust, however I did play and FINISH Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain that came out late 2015. Dont ask why, as i will again state….. I DO NOT KNOW! Ive slapped myself a couple times for not completing it. I may dive back in to try and finish it, however as I look at this list. . . It could be a while.

200989b17. Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (Xbox 360)
Anything that Bethesda has ever put together I played through completion. Oblivion took me a while but I was able to beat it. When it came to Skyrim I completed about 75% of the main story-line before being sidetracked by work, and a job re-structure that had me quite busy for a little while. Never was able to jump back in to finish but I may have to now that Fallout 4 is completed and my RPG games are clear. For the most part.

116983b6. Fallout: New Vegas (Xbox 360)
When I said that my RPG games are clear with Elder Scrolls, I was partially correct. I still have yet to complete Fallout: New Vegas. I do not know why but New Vegas didn’t quite hook me like Fallout 3 or most recently 4 did. I don’t know if it was possibly the setting or what, but I just didn’t get hooked. I did enjoy most aspect of it, just couldn’t keep me hooked for a long period of time. I suppose this title is one of those games you take in spurts and finish over a long, and in my case VERY LONG period of time.

201748b5. Dark Souls 2 (Xbox 360)
HAHAHA and I thought my number ten title was challenging. I was dead wrong until I started playing this franchise. Demon Souls on PlayStation 3, and Dark Souls were among some of the most enraging games that I have played in a long, long time. I still have yet to complete the first title and YES I know its not on this list, but HELL! Dark Souls 2 is still in shrink wrap and I still plan on buying the third. Ironic?

281437b4. Final Fantasy XII (PlayStation 2)
I have never considered myself one of the biggest Final Fantasy fans, but for some reason I always buy every version of a Final Fantasy game that comes out, and NEVER play it. I still have this version of the collectors edition wrapped and never played. I have heard great things about the game and would love to sit down and play through it but I never seem to get around to it. I have some many RPG’s on my list that I need to get back into and finish before start another one that I KNOW I WILL NOT FINISH!

230771b13. Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii)
I have always Prided myself on completing Zelda games that I start, and after the long period of time that I spent on Twilight Princess I never did jump right into Skyward Sword. Maybe because I never completed Twilight Princess until Skyward Sword was a few weeks from release. HAHAHA I might have been a bit Zelda burnt out. So YES, I never have started Skyward Sword. 😦

281248b2. Resident Evil 4 (PlayStation 2)
This is one game that I have played on multiple platforms and have never completed on each platform. I got this for the PlayStation 2 when it originally launched and have never completed it. I later picked the game up on the Wii and never completed it there. It is extremely disappointing that I have never finished his game, but I do still have bother versions and would love to complete it. I enjoyed what I have played up into the point I stopped, however I am afraid that when I jump back into it I will have no idea on where I am or what I was doing before.

280214b1. ICO (PlayStation 2)
Sadly enough ICO is another one of those titles that I have on multiple systems and never completed. I have completed Shadow of the Colossus but I never did finish ICO. I loved the game but I can not remember what it was that left me to not completing this one. I bought the collection on PlayStation 3 later on and never did get the chance to take it out of the shrink wrap. It is sad and I know this is one game I need to complete, and with “The Last Guardian” “coming this year” I may need to jump on the ball.

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