GSN – Episode 16 (The Good Ol’ Days)

Defly is back in the lounge with Blue and Factor, who is back after a week off to prepare for his new web series. We look back at the good ol’ days of gaming, The Switch, and Blue’s lack of being able to COOK! Follow us on Twitter: @gamenightlounge | Facebook: The Game Night Lounge | Youtube: The Game Night Lounge | Website: |


Ghost Recon: Wildlands Review

The game takes place in Bolivia in July 2019. The country has become increasingly unstable as the Santa Blanca, a previously minor Mexican drug cartel, gains more power and influence within the county to the point where Bolivia has become a narco-state and the world’s largest producer of cocaine.

The rise in power of this drug cartel concerns the United States Government, as Santa Blanca’s influence has begun to spread beyond Bolivia. The last straw comes when a bomb targets the U.S. embassy in La Paz and its intended target, DEA agent Ricardo “Ricky” Sandoval, is kidnapped, tortured and then killed by the Santa Blanca. As a result, the United States initiates Operation Kingslayer, a joint operation between the CIA, DEA and JSOC. The United States Army dispatches a fireteam of elite special operations unit called “Ghosts” to destroy the cartel and reveal the connection between Santa Blanca and the local government.[4] The Ghost team consist of Ghost Leader “Nomad”, Tactical Gunner “Midas”, Engineer “Holt”, Sniper “Weaver”. The Ghosts individually make their own way into Bolivia. They rendezvous and are brought to the mission area in Bolivia by helicopter along with their CIA contact, Karen Bowman. When they land in the province of Itacua thet are met with Pac Katari, leader of the Kataris 26, the only resistance against Santa Blanca. Pac Katari gives them their first mission – to recover Amaru, an older man who’s ideologies founded Kataris 26 along with Pac Katari who was captured by Santa Blanca. After this mission the Ghosts are, more or less, free to tackle the cartel in any way and order they see fit.

As the Ghosts dismantle the cartel piece by piece, they eventually are given the option to go after El Sueno. Ordered to regroup with Bowman, the Ghosts find her captive in the presence of the rebels. Told that Pac Katari has betrayed them, the Ghosts race to El Sueno’s fortress to capture him. After fighting their way through enemy opposition. The Ghosts and Bowman find and surround El Sueno, who has just beheaded Pac Katari. Despite surrendering to the Ghosts, Bowman receives a call from her superiors informing that El Sueno had made a deal with the Department of Justice to give up the heads of other cartels in exchange for immunity. The games ending will depend on whether the Ghosts fully dismantled the cartel or not. If the ghosts have fully dismantled the Cartel, Bowman takes El Sueno into protective custody, having taken down others involved with Santa Blanca. If remnants of the cartel remains, Bowman will instead execute El Sueno in cold blood, leading to her dismissal from the CIA and arrest for murdering El Sueno, although she has no regrets of doing so.

Fan Review: 35% Good
Excellent: 30% | Average: 15% | Poor: 20%

GSN – Episode 15

Defly is back in the studio with MERC, and BlueDiamondBen to go over a unique week of news and gaming goodness. The Switch is officially out, and even though Factor, who has a switch was unable to give his thoughts on air he will be back next week to do so. Ghost Recon is also out!

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

In the distant past, the many races of Hyrule lived together in harmony, the Sheikah’s blue aura providing life to the land, and everyone benefited from the Sheikah’s advanced technology. That all ended when a beast that came to be known as Calamity Ganon appeared. 10,000 years later, after having reverted to a medieval state, the kingdom of Hyrule rediscovered the ancient technology left behind by their ancestors through excavation. Upon reading the prophecies their ancestors had left behind, they learned that Calamity Ganon would return, and that Hyrule would require the mechanical Guardians and Divine Beasts to stop it. Key members of Hyrule’s various races were assembled to pilot these ancient machines and given the name pilot Champions. The Hero, the Princess, and the Champions attempted to stop the evil, but ultimately failed. Calamity Ganon had turned the Guardians and Divine Beasts against the kingdom of Hyrule, causing it to collapse. The Hero was gravely wounded and taken to the Shrine of Resurrection. The Princess then used the last of her power and managed to temporarily seal Calamity Ganon inside Hyrule Castle.

In the present, 100 years later, an amnesiac Link awakens from a deep sleep as a mysterious female voice guides him to the now ruined kingdom of Hyrule. He meets an old man and learns that Calamity Ganon has been sealed in Hyrule Castle for one hundred years. Although trapped, Calamity Ganon has continued to grow in power, and Link must defeat it before it breaks free and destroys the world

Fan Review: 81% EXCELLENT
Good: 6% | Average: 0% | Poor: 13%


Super Bomberman R Review

Since its release in 1985, Bomberman has been a familiar party-battle game for many years. Now, Bomberman is coming back as “SUPER BOMBERMAN R” to Nintendo Switch. In SUPER BOMBERMAN R, the simple rule remains the same: operate the main character (Bomberman), place bombs, and battle with enemies and rivals, but it’s coming back in a modern style with 3D stages and photo-real graphics. You can enjoy battles with rivals from all over the world. There is “Battle” mode for maximum of 8 players, and single play “Story” mode (cooperative play for 2 players is possible as well) where players clear each stage one by one, with a big volume of 50 stages. Also, there is a new rule where the condition to clear the stage is not just by wiping out all the enemies. This simple but strategic game with new rules and 3D stages is fun for everyone, from children to adults.

Fan Review: 48% EXCELLENT
38% Good | 10% Average | 4% Poor


1-2 Switch Review

1-2-Switch is a party game in which players do not usually rely on what is happening on a screen, but rather make use of audio cues and the functionality of the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers to play in several different games. It features 28 different minigames, most of which involve two players, who each use one of the Joy-Con controllers and are often encouraged to look at each other during gameplay. Aside from tutorial videos for each game, players mostly rely solely on audio cues and feedback from the Joy-Con’s rumble feature to indicate how well they are playing each game.

Baby: Played in the Switch’s Handheld mode, players must rock a crying baby to sleep and put it down gently without awaking it.
Ball Counting: Using the Joy-Con’s HD Rumble feature, players must guess how many balls are rolling around inside a box. They tilt the controller while it is in the palm of their hand. They can hide their guess, preventing their opponent from choosing the same number to automatically end the game in a tie.
Baseball: One player chooses between two pitching choices, and the other attempts to get players to the home base.
Beach Flag: Players jog on the spot in order to be the first to reach a flag. The controller vibrates when they are at the flag’s location, and they raise the controller to lift it up.
Copy Dance: Each player takes turns making three dance poses, which the other player must copy in time to the music. Players are scored based on accuracy, energy, timing and poses.
Eating Contest: A single-player game which makes use of the right Joy-Con controller’s IR motion camera. Players hold the controller a short distance from their mouth and make biting motions to try and eat as many virtual sandwiches as they can within the time limit.
Fake Draw: An alternate version of Quick Draw featuring alternate music, a night theme, and words such as “fly” and “file” said before “fire”, to trick the players into firing early and being disqualified.
Gorilla: Players pound their chest in a given rhythm, then pound their chest as fast as they can.
Joy-Con Rotation: Players place the Joy-Con controllers on a surface and take it in turns to carefully lift and rotate the controller without shaking too much. The HD rumble and audio alert the player if they are about to fail a turn, with the player given 5 cues before they fail. The winner is whoever rotates their controller the most over three turns.
Milk: Players must use gestures and specific button presses in order to milk a virtual cow, with the aim to milk more jugs than their opponent
Quick Draw: Resembling a Western fast draw, both players must point their controllers downwards and, upon receiving the order to fire, must aim their controller and fire before their opponent.
Runway: Players listen to musical cues to strut down a runway and make dynamic poses.
Safe Crack: Players must race to open up a safe by twisting the Joy-Con controllers to turn a dial, paying attention to bumps from the controller.
Samurai Training: One player makes an overhead sword swinging motion while the other player must clap their controller, as if they were catching a sword with their bare hands. Players take it in turns until one player fails to catch their opponent’s sword.
Shaver: Players use the Joy-Con controllers as electric razors, racing to be the first to completely shave their virtual beards.
Sneaky Dice: Based on Liar’s dice, players use their Joy-Con controllers as a cup and dice. Players can shake the controllers around to shuffle the dice, and they can re-roll up to 3 times. When the cups are lifted, the player with the highest number on their dice wins. However, as the number on a player’s dice can only be detected by the opposing player through vibration, players may attempt to bluff their opponent, tricking them into shaking their cup and ending up with a lower number.
Soda: Players shake up a single Joy-Con controller representing a bottle of soda and pass it around, aiming to not be the one holding it when the cork inevitably pops.
Sword Fight: Players use the Joy-Con controllers as swords, holding down the trigger buttons to guard and releasing it and swinging the controller to attack. Players can guard against a vertical strike by swinging horizontally, and vice versa.
Table Tennis: A table tennis game in which players must listen to rhythmic audio cues to hit back a ping pong ball. Players can perform lobs and smashes to alter the flow and try to throw off their opponent.
Telephone: Players place their Joy-Con controllers on a surface and must be the first to pick theirs up when the phone rings. Sometimes, they are given a specific ring to listen for.
Treasure Chest: Players rotate the Joy-Con to unravel chains surrounding a treasure chest.
Wizard: Players use the Joy-Con controllers as makeshift wands, using gestures and counters to push back a clashing beam of magic. The game is started by waving the Joy-Con in circular motions above the player’s head, and then players must thrust to move the energy closer to their opponent. Thrusting immediately after your opponent results in a counter, which moves the energy further than a normal thrust.
Zen: Players hold a given pose with the Joy-Con sitting in their hands, attempting to stay as still as possible.

Fan Review: 35% POOR

12% Excellent | 24% Good | 29% Average


Walking Dead: A New Frontier Review

Certain decisions made by the player during both this game and the preceding Season One, and Season Two alter specific details. Therefore, this is only a broad overview of the plot.

As a large walker horde makes its way across the countryside, Javier, his sister-in-law Kate and her children, Gabe and Mariana, stay ahead of it. Javier sees to protecting the three as his brother and Kate’s husband David is believed to have died at the onset of the apocalypse. They stop at a junkyard to scavenge supplies, finding fuel and a trailer stocked with food. As they start to collect the supplies, the trailer’s owners appear and separate Javier from his family. As he is driven off in a truck, a tree falls in road, sending the truck off-road and allowing Javier to escape. He meets Clementine, who was trying to acquire the truck for her own purposes. She agrees to help rescue Javier’s family in exchange for him securing her a ride.

Clementine escorts Javier to a fortified airfield named Prescott to collect ammo and wait out the passing horde. They met the leader, Tripp, its bartender Conrad and his romantic partner Francine, and the community’s doctor and Tripp’s ex-girlfriend Eleanor. Clementine accidentally kills the local arms dealer over an argument about faulty bullets, and the two are locked up. However, Tripp and Eleanor warm up to the pair, and offer to help them rescue Javier’s family. At the junkyard, Javier is relieved to find his family safe, but as they leave, the trailer group reappears and attacks them, killing Mariana and mortally wounding Kate. Clementine holds them off as Kate is rushed back to Prescott, and identifies from their branding that they are part of the New Frontier, a group that had been good people before but have become twisted since. Javier and Clementine bury Mariana, and return to Prescott to find Kate in stable condition but needing proper medical attention.

Suddenly the New Frontier appear at Prescott’s gates, and demand Javier turn himself over to them, threatening to kill Francine. The situation quickly heats up, Francine is killed, and the New Frontier ram the gates of Prescott and release walkers into the field. Only Tripp, Conrad, Eleanor, Javier, Kate, Gabe, and Clementine make it out alive. Eleanor suggests they travel to Richmond as they will be able to get Kate the medical attention needed. Reaching a blocked road, all but Eleanor and Kate work to clear the road, but their actions draw a walker horde, and Tripp tells Eleanor to drive ahead with Kate. The remaining five discover Paul “Jesus” Monroe watching them nearby. Jesus reveals that Richmond is already been taken over by the New Frontier, and Javier insists they must get to Eleanor and Kate quickly. Jesus guides them through a walker-infested railway tunnel. During their passage, Clementine discretely tells Javier that she was a member of the New Frontier previously, a statement that Conrad overhears and demands they use her as a bargaining chip at Richmond. The group reaches Richmond and finds the vehicle Eleanor was driving, with Kate still inside. As they collect her, Kate says that Eleanor had gone on ahead to get help but never returned. At the city’s gate, the New Frontier make several demands of Javier’s group before the gate opens, revealing that David is still alive and is one of the New Frontier’s higher ranking officers.

Fan Review: 64% EXCELLENT
Good: 27% | Average: 0% | Poor: 9%

Horizon: Zero Dawn Review

As an infant, Aloy is put under the care of the outcast Rost by the Nora Matriarchs. Due to the mysterious circumstances of her birth, as well as her status as an outcast, Aloy is often persecuted and shunned by the rest of the Nora tribe. As a child, she accidentally falls into an ancient bunker built by the Old Ones, and takes possession of a Focus, a small device that gives her special perceptive abilities as well as the ability to interact with machines and Old One technology. Later, she becomes curious about the identity of her mother and decides on winning a competition called the Proving so she can win the right to ask the Matriarchs directly. Rost spends several years training Aloy in preparation for the Proving, teaching her how to hunt, fight, and survive.

Once she comes of age, Aloy takes part in the Proving and meets the foreigners Erend and Olin, with Olin having a Focus like Aloy. Aloy manages to come in first place, but a band of cultists suddenly attack, killing many Nora. Aloy is able to kill several cultists and is shocked to find that they are equipped with Focuses as well. Rost sacrifices his life to save Aloy, and Matriarch Teersa takes Aloy into the Nora’s sacred mountain to nurse her wounds. When Aloy awakes, Teersa explains that after the Proving massacre, the Nora attempted to retaliate against the cultists but their war party was annihilated by corrupted machines under the control of the cultists. Teersa also reveals that Matriarchs first found Aloy at the foot of a sealed door that they worship. While Teersa sees Aloy’s “birth” as a sign from the gods, the other Matriarchs fear it means Aloy is cursed. Aloy approaches the door and it reacts to her presence, but refuses to open. She resolves that the only way to find answers is to track Olin, since he had apparently used his Focus to tip off the cultists to Aloy’s existence. With Teersa’s blessing, Aloy leaves Nora lands to head for Meridian, the capital city of the neighboring Carja tribe. Along the way she helps War Chief Sona exact revenge on the cultists by hunting and killing the ones that remain in Nora lands.

Upon arriving in Meridian, Aloy searches Olin’s house and discovers that the cultists are holding Olin’s family hostage, forcing him to act as their spy and to help them excavate corrupted machines. Afterwards, Aloy confronts Olin, who tells her that the cultists are part of a fanatical religious group calling themselves the Eclipse who worship a demon called Hades, who allows them to corrupt machines. Meanwhile, Aloy receives assistance from a mysterious stranger, who is able to disable Eclipse Focuses. Following Olin’s information, Aloy heads for an Old One ruin at Maker’s Rise, which turns out to be the corporate headquarters of Faro Automated Solutions. She is allowed access inside the building due to her genetic similarity to a Dr. Elisabet Sobeck. By investigating the building, Aloy discovers that the world was put into peril nearly one thousand years ago due to Faro losing control of its automated “peacekeeper” robots, which were designed to be self sufficient and able to convert biomass into energy. However, the world was narrowly saved thanks to Project Zero Dawn, which was spearheaded by Dr. Sobeck. Aloy is then contacted by Sylens, her anonymous benefactor. Sylens is a researcher interested in what happened to the Old Ones, and directs Aloy to Dr. Sobeck’s last known location: US Robotics Command.

Aloy reaches the ruins of USRC and learns that the US military sent Dr. Sobeck to an Orbital Launch Base in Utah to complete Zero Dawn while they try to buy time against the robot swarms. However, Sylens reveals that the base is located under the Citadel, the center of Eclipse power. After sabotaging the Eclipse Focus network, Aloy heads for the base. Inside, she learns that Zero Dawn was in fact was not meant to save the Earth, as nothing could stop the rogue Faro robots from destroying the planet and annihilating all life. In actuality, Zero Dawn was instead a vast underground system of databases, factories and cloning facilities all controlled by a single artificial intelligence named GAIA. Once all life had been extinguished, GAIA would eventually develop a countermeasure necessary to deactivate all of the Faro robots within the safety of its underground facilities, and then build its own robots to restore the Earth’s biosphere once the Faro swarm had been destroyed. Once the planet was habitable again, GAIA would reseed life on earth based on stored DNA and hopefully teach the first human clones not to repeat their predecessors past mistakes. It is also revealed that HADES is in fact one of GAIA’s subsystems designed to enact controlled extinction if the outcome of Zero Dawn was not favourable for human existence. Aloy then reaches Dr. Sobek’s office, where she downloads an uncorrupted registry that would give her access to the door she was born from. However, she is captured by the Eclipse leader, Helis.

Helis gloats to Aloy that he has already ordered his Eclipse forces to exterminate the Nora tribe before destroying her Focus and throwing her into a robot arena to die. Fortunately, Sylens arrives and rescues Aloy, giving her a new Focus. She returns to the Nora tribe to help fight off the Eclipse invasion. With the intact registry, she is finally able to enter the door beneath the Nora mountain. There, she finds a recording left behind by GAIA, revealing that HADES had gone rogue and attempted to seize control of her functions. As a last resort, GAIA self destructed her own core to stop HADES. However, without GAIA to maintain the terraforming process, the entire system began to break down, resulting in the Derangement. As a contingency plan, GAIA created Aloy with Dr. Sobeck’s DNA profile, in hope that she would find GAIA’s message, destroy HADES, and restore GAIA’s functions. Upon investigating the destroyed GAIA Prime facility, Aloy learns Dr. Sobeck sacrificed her life to ensure the Faro swarm wouldn’t find GAIA. Then, Ted Faro, feeling guilty for his part in creating the Faro robots, destroyed the APOLLO education system to prevent the next generation of humanity from gaining the same destructive knowledge and killed the other GAIA Prime staff to prevent their interference, resulting in the primitive society the game takes place in.

Aloy manages to obtain the System Override necessary to destroy HADES. Sylens admits that he was the original founder of Eclipse, originally tempted by HADES’ promises of knowledge, until he was no longer any use to HADES. Aloy surmises that HADES wants to seize the Spire in Meridian in order to send a signal to reactivate the Faro robots so that they can wipe out all life on Earth again. Aloy returns to Meridian to warn them of the attack, and rallies all of the allies she can muster. The battle is fierce, but Aloy is able to defeat both Helis and HADES, ending the war. Aloy is celebrated as a hero and she journeys to Dr. Sobeck’s home, where she finds her corpse, and has a moment of mourning for her mother.

Fan Review: 83% EXCELLENT
Good: 13% | Average: 4% | Poor: 0%


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