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Sekiro YouTube Gameday Giveaway

Ok, so we have some exciting news! We are having a Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice giveaway! We have a standard (PS4) copy of Sekiro that we are unleashing to you fans out there. Here is how it works. We are looking to increase our channel subscribers, and you can all help with that. Once we get to 50 Subscribers on our YouTube channel, which is what we are calling wave 1, we are going to pick one of our 50 subscribers at random and send you the copy we have. So share our channel with all of your friends and family, blast it on your social media, and you could be a lucky winner of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice! Trust me when I say the game is well worth it! Just check out our review for yourself. So, get to sharing and spread the word!

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice | Lets Play

Pt. 1 “The Tutorial”

Pt. 2 “Verticality”

Pt. 3 “Ashina Outskirts”

Pt. 4 “The Dag On Ogre”

Pt. 5 “Our Vision”

Pt. 6 “The Shinobi Hunter”

Pt. 7 “I Hate Snakes”

Pt. 8 “A Couple of Different Bosses”

Pt. 9 “The Horseman”

Pt. 10 “Benny the Bull”

Pt. 11 “The Rage Quit”

Pt. 12 “FINALLY”

Pt. 13 “WOLVIE”

Devil May Cry 5 | Lets Play

Pt. 1 “Mission 1”

Pt. 2 “Mission 2 Start”

Pt. 3 “Mission 2 Boss Fight”

Pt. 4 “Mission 3”

Pt. 5 “Mission 4”

Pt. 6 “Mission 5”

Pt. 7 “Mission 6”

Pt. 8 “Mission 7”

Pt. 9 “Mission 9”

Pt. 10 “Mission 10”

Pt. 11 “Mission 11”

Pt. 12 “Mission 12”

Pt. 13 “Mission 13”

Pt. 14 “Mission 14”

Pt. 15 “Mission 15”

Pt. 16 “Mission 16”

Pt. 17 “Mission 17”

Pt. 18 “Mission 18”

Pt. 19 “The Finale”