Walking Dead: A New Frontier Review

Certain decisions made by the player during both this game and the preceding Season One, and Season Two alter specific details. Therefore, this is only a broad overview of the plot.

As a large walker horde makes its way across the countryside, Javier, his sister-in-law Kate and her children, Gabe and Mariana, stay ahead of it. Javier sees to protecting the three as his brother and Kate’s husband David is believed to have died at the onset of the apocalypse. They stop at a junkyard to scavenge supplies, finding fuel and a trailer stocked with food. As they start to collect the supplies, the trailer’s owners appear and separate Javier from his family. As he is driven off in a truck, a tree falls in road, sending the truck off-road and allowing Javier to escape. He meets Clementine, who was trying to acquire the truck for her own purposes. She agrees to help rescue Javier’s family in exchange for him securing her a ride.

Clementine escorts Javier to a fortified airfield named Prescott to collect ammo and wait out the passing horde. They met the leader, Tripp, its bartender Conrad and his romantic partner Francine, and the community’s doctor and Tripp’s ex-girlfriend Eleanor. Clementine accidentally kills the local arms dealer over an argument about faulty bullets, and the two are locked up. However, Tripp and Eleanor warm up to the pair, and offer to help them rescue Javier’s family. At the junkyard, Javier is relieved to find his family safe, but as they leave, the trailer group reappears and attacks them, killing Mariana and mortally wounding Kate. Clementine holds them off as Kate is rushed back to Prescott, and identifies from their branding that they are part of the New Frontier, a group that had been good people before but have become twisted since. Javier and Clementine bury Mariana, and return to Prescott to find Kate in stable condition but needing proper medical attention.

Suddenly the New Frontier appear at Prescott’s gates, and demand Javier turn himself over to them, threatening to kill Francine. The situation quickly heats up, Francine is killed, and the New Frontier ram the gates of Prescott and release walkers into the field. Only Tripp, Conrad, Eleanor, Javier, Kate, Gabe, and Clementine make it out alive. Eleanor suggests they travel to Richmond as they will be able to get Kate the medical attention needed. Reaching a blocked road, all but Eleanor and Kate work to clear the road, but their actions draw a walker horde, and Tripp tells Eleanor to drive ahead with Kate. The remaining five discover Paul “Jesus” Monroe watching them nearby. Jesus reveals that Richmond is already been taken over by the New Frontier, and Javier insists they must get to Eleanor and Kate quickly. Jesus guides them through a walker-infested railway tunnel. During their passage, Clementine discretely tells Javier that she was a member of the New Frontier previously, a statement that Conrad overhears and demands they use her as a bargaining chip at Richmond. The group reaches Richmond and finds the vehicle Eleanor was driving, with Kate still inside. As they collect her, Kate says that Eleanor had gone on ahead to get help but never returned. At the city’s gate, the New Frontier make several demands of Javier’s group before the gate opens, revealing that David is still alive and is one of the New Frontier’s higher ranking officers.

Fan Review: 64% EXCELLENT
Good: 27% | Average: 0% | Poor: 9%

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