The 2017 NEW Review Process. . .

We here at the Game Night Lounge have revamped our Review process and this time we are getting you as the fan, viewer and overall authority leader in how games are if they are fun or not. We know that many fans out there are growing tired of the same standard review process for games and would like to be a bit more inclusive when it comes to your thoughts and opinions. We are looking to turn this into more of a community based project and not another video game news and reviews web site (Lord knows there are hundreds out there).

The review process will work like this. At least until we work out a better percentage system but to get things started you will have to follow us on twitter (@gamenightlounge) and we will begin to poll different games for 7 days. That gives users 1 week to play games on their release week. We will still post our opinions on the games, because just like you, we have our own opinions as well :).  We will then calculate the polls into a percentage and rate a game on our site using that data from you, the gamers! If you would like to submit your own reviews you can certainly do so using our contact us forms and if we like the review we could possibly use it. Just know that based on the amount of submissions, it may take a bit.

We will begin this new process with the upcoming Resident Evil: Biohazard. We will be streaming new release games as well, and offer our thoughts and opinions as we play through them, so be sure to follow us on twitch as well!

We hope the gaming community helps this process become a success and we look forward to the new year and other avenues that we have coming down the pipeline. The GSN podcast was one of those ventures and we have many more to come, so stay tuned!


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