Quantum Break Review

Quantum Break | Xbox One | Remedy Studios
Quantum Break | Xbox One | Remedy Studios

Quantum Break was one of those games that engrossed you into the story, and with characters being played by a pretty stellar cast of actors, it was pretty easy to be able to become a part of the story. For those unfamiliar with Remedy’s previous entry, the studio behind Alan Wake on Xbox 360, this is an all single player, story driven game. Not like other story driven games where it feels as if the game is played on Quick Time Events, but rather all action, and careful use of the time changing mechanics.

Quantum Break is a story of three guys who grew up together and started as Science and Physics enthusiasts, turned professionals in their allotted fields. When a experiment that could send humans back and forth through time goes wrong, the after effects leave two guys on a collision course of power. One used his power to build an empire that see’s the end of the world coming on a time break down, where as the other is seeing it for the first time. Both are trying to save the world from the time break, however both approaches are costly to themselves and the world.

The game is built on high, third person action where you have different abilities as you learn rather quickly. You have the ability to stop an enemy in the time warp, freezing them in time, which gives you a strong advantage to attack them while they can do nothing in return. Another is the ability to run through time. Think of it as the ability to be The Flash for a few seconds. You can rewind time to help you get over or under certain obstacles, as well as throwing time pulses that can kill enemies upon contact.

The studio made a very cool choice on intertwining the gameplay with CGI and a live action movie. Yes, I said LIVE ACTION MOVIE. In between chapters of the game you get to watch a 20-30 minute movie of the game that you are playing. Your chapter may end a one point, and the live action movie will kick in to set you up for Act 2! It is brilliant. It only works because the actors are very good, and the cinematography and the Art Direction are so closely tied.

Overall, for Quantum Break this lead to a very good new IP for the Xbox One, and Remedy did a very solid job of following up Alan Wake, which has plenty of Easter eggs in Quantum Break, with a interesting take on time travel. The action was great and above all the game was very well paced and balanced.



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