The Division Review

The Division | Ubisoft | Xbox One
The Division | Ubisoft | Xbox One

I am, for one not going to draw this review long (unlike the new Superman V Batman), as this is an MMO type of game that has been out for a couple of week already. The Division, in a lot of way, is what Destiny tried to be, but The Division pulled off where Destiny failed. Sure, they are both good games, but The Division feels a bit more complete. That may stem from the longer development cycle but the game is a more polished success. The launch might not have been superb, with servers crashing within minutes of the clock hitting midnight, making the game unplayable for hours, however if you logged on during the launch day morning, or afternoon you generally had no issues. I still to this day, with the occasional server disconnects have had no issue with connectivity. Its seems like Ubisoft had a much better launch with The Division than they did with Rainbow Six: Siege.

The Division had a perfect setting. A world where a a virus has wiped out most of the human race, you do battle with other factions of people that deal out their own brand of justice. Many of which are criminals, and you are there on behalf of the US Military to help and restore order. The city does have the dark, eerie feel about it, and when the sun goes down and the snow picks up, it adds to realism of the environment. It really is New York, and from someone who has lived there, it is VERY accurate.

The game is graphically beautiful and has very little problem when it comes to the games frame-rate. It is smooth, and with the occasional drop in drop out enemies due to server lag, it is very spot on.

The game allows you to build your own agent, although there is not much in the way of character customization, there is many options that will allow you to separate yourself from your online community. You find pieces of an outfit throughout the world. Each piece of clothing is different and will set you apart. You also have three talent trees that you can build up as well. Health, Tech, and Support. Each tree has different abilities, so when you partner up with your buddies the best rule of thumb is to each take on a different tree, all depending on how you play.

The Division also has two main zones that you can venture into. One would be the different areas of the city that you will complete your main story missions, side missions and events that will gain you experience for your character. (30 being the max). The second area is known as the Dark Zone, which is located in the center of NY, and is where you can enter with other people. Now, everyone enters the dark zone as a non threatening agent, however if you shoot another player, you are then marked for a period of time as a hostile rogue agents and others will try to find you and kill you. You gain great loot in the dark-zone that once collected have to be extracted in order to be added to your inventory. When you call a chopper to come, you have about a minute and a half to defend the location against strong enemy AI and of course other players. If you are killed your loot is then vulnerable to other players to pick up and extract themselves. That is why it is always best to do the Dark Zone with friends and is not recommended until level 20. They game does a good job of breaking up the level system so that if you enter the dark zone you go in against other players within 5 levels of you.

The Division is a great game, and will give you plenty to do and play around with in the game. Even when you max out on your level they give you daily missions to complete to gain currency, and of course LOOT! The loots system works very well and The Division is much much better when playing with friends.

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