Street Fighter V Review

Street Fighter V | Capcom | PlayStation 4
Street Fighter V | Capcom | PlayStation 4

Street Fighter V takes what we know about the franchise and throws us a curve ball. Sure there is a good amount of new stages and characters that we have not seen before, but there is a familiarity with the franchise that are missing that leave us shaking our heads. Whether it is characters that have been consistent throughout, that are now replaced with characters that are either trained by the now missing, or offspring.

Honestly, Street Fighter V feels like a work in progress that was put out to early on. They are still patching the game, online was having some major issues, and a very piss poor attempt at a story mode. Sure, I know that the series was not made popular because of its story mode, but to have a story mode that I could finish in under an hour is pretty lousy. Not to mention you do not unlock any characters, or much of anything for completing them all. You play as all available characters in story fights that last no more than 10 minutes. There is no difficulty setting to increase the challenge in this mode, which makes it redundant. I went through all story modes without one loss.

The reward system is also very, very stingy. You earn in game Fight Dollars for doing various things throughout the game. Certain fights will win you fight money, which you can then use to buy items in the games online shop (which isn’t even available until March). The offline challenge mode, that offers daily skill challenges to skill players will not be live until March as well.

The core of the game is in it’s Online components. You can toggle the game to be looking for matches in ranked or casual at any point throughout the game. You can set up a lounge and invite players to it and watch and have casual fights, which you can set up public or private with a room password. You can also save, share replay endings in the lounge.

The core of Street Fighter is still present and fans of the series will enjoy it, however there is not much of a learning curve. With a few hours of practice rounds you can learn each character and who is better suited for your play style and who is not. There just seems that there is a lot that Capcom had intentions on putting into the game that they haven’t done yet, and missing pieces that are going to be put in on later dates. Its a shame for a franchise that always comes correct, and this seemed to hit that mark with a terrible launch.


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