Rise of the Tomb Raider Review

Rise of the Tomb Raider | Crystal Dynamics | SquareEnix

With the reboot of Tomb Raider from Crystal Dynamics, Lara has been thrust into danger against her will, finding herself on a mysterious island that is filled with danger and even more mysterious secrets. In the sequel, Lara is running head first into danger under her own free will and understanding of the dangers in front of her as she tries to find the key to eternal life. So how many times have you heard this story right? Some of you might even feel that this is a story that you have heard before and played before.

The story of Rise of the Tomb Raider is everything that we would expect since the first game in the franchise. Engaging, emotional and Crystal Dynamics did a good job inner weaving Lara’s emotional, personal battles with the dangers of looking for the Key of Life. No Magic backing this story, however there is more of a mythical feeling and is done very well.

The game environments are very beautiful and I am not just talking about graphically. The game introduces a bunch of new areas, however very smartly lets us go back to areas that we are familiar with from the previous game, it just lets us explore it a little bit further in detail. Many of the games environments are open and will let you go off the path to explore. It’s nice to backtrack as well because it also shows you the strength of Lara and how much she has progressed since her last visit.

Its nice to see that the developer also has increased the amount of actual tombs the game has. The tombs are also very rewarding for what you get out of them, as well as the dynamic of the puzzles. Thank you for bringing back the puzzles, and I don’t mean the cheap, easy to figure out in 5 min. Relying on the survival in this game can also get a bit tedious. At times you will find yourself simple button pressing on cutting wood, starting fires and skinning dead animals for survival. This becomes repetitive and tedious very quickly.

Picking the way you chose to operate in combat is very cool as well. You can choose whether you want to be a more “guns blazing” type of player, or play more of a stealth roll. I chose more of a stealth role, not just because in any game that has that option I always chose it, but because the Bow is stealthy and Love how it feels and the satisfaction of a solid kill shot.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is a very solid game and isn’t just on par with the fantastic previous game, but actually ups the ante a tad. Is it leaps and bounds above the previous version? No, but it is a very solid game and moves the franchise forward instead of backward. That’s what we want in franchises like this and they made Lara relate able and a true survivor who spent time readying herself for the world and now moves as if she owns it.


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