Top 10 Xbox 360 Games

With the Xbox 360 turning 10 years old this past week, and the fact that this past generation is coming to a close quickly, we decided to take a look at the Xbox 360 Top 10 game releases. These may not be straight exclusives, but may have been showcased on the platform as opposed to others.

200262b10. Grand Theft Auto IV
We got to see two blockbuster Grand Theft Auto games this past generation, and even though we loved both of them, they showcased GTA IV as more of a 360 title than a PlayStation title, where as PlayStation took over with GTA V. Both were great games but it started (on this generation) with Niko and GTA IV!


200168b9. Mass Effect
It was the Sci-Fi visionary minds at Bioware that got us hooked EARLY in the console life cycle with the adventure of Commander Sheppard, and introduced us to the decision making RPG elements that we have been waiting on for a long time. Not to mention it spawned one of the greatest series this past generation.


200123b8. Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
AH, the game that broke so many Xbox 360’s! Who doesn’t remember clocking over 10 hours of single gameplay in one day, come back and your console either “Red-Ringed” or kept freezing when you returned to Oblivion? I had the later happen to me consistently. I had to save every 10 minutes because I feared my game freezing on me and having to restart my console.


200689b27. Red Dead Redemption
Rockstar had a great time when it came to releasing games for the Xbox 360, and Red Dead Redemption, the second in the franchise, spawned into a classic and left gamers wanting more and more! The countless hours of following John Marston on his path in the wild west, and fighting off rivals and even zombies in the DLC made Red Dead one to remember.


200125b6. Dead Rising
This was the other game that seemed to freeze, and lock up many people’s Xbox’s and it might have been with the amount of zombies they had tried to put on the screen at one time, and all of the games action! This was every zombie lovers dream. Your trapped in a mall, with every store and every item you can find at your disposal. Did it have problems? Yes, but it still didn’t take away from the game being absolutely fun to play around in.

200224b5. Bioshock
This was generation defining! The spiritual successor to System Shock 2, Bioshock took us to the underworld of Rapture and introduced us to the infamous, “Big Daddy’s”. The beast we tried to avoid at all costs when we heard is faint cry in the distance behind a corner with one of the creepy little sisters!


200198b4. Half Life 2: The Orange Box
The fall of 2007 was a BIG BIG Year! We saw, Bioshock, COD 4, Halo 3, Mass Effect, and the one game that probably had the best value than any of those titles in the Orange Box. Featuring Half Life 2 and Episode 2, Portal and Team Fortress! 4 classics all wrapped up into a great $60 package, and worth every penny!


200336b3. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
This was genre defining, and introduced a shift in franchise. Going from the defining WWII era of shooters, directly into the modern day, and featured some of the best story telling the franchise has ever seen, along with the changing multiplayer that defines what COD is to millions today!


200100b2. Gears of War
2006 was owned by Epic Games, the studio behind the groundbreaking Gears of War Franchise. We were introduced to Delta Squad, and the iconic Lancer, the assault rifle with chainsaw bayonet that was useful to saw your enemies in half. Nothing was more satisfying that sawing your friends in half in the games groundbreaking multiplayer, or sniping their head off from behind cover on your favorite multiplayer map!


200240b1. Halo 3
Who doesn’t remember playing one of the consoles greatest endings to its beloved Master Chief. Sure we have a new trilogy upon us now, but at that time it was the last time we were going to see the mighty Master Chief for some time! The multiplayer was everything we had hoped for and the ending was fulfilling enough that we felt it did Chief justice.


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