Halo 5: Guardians Review

Halo 5: Guardians | Xbox One | 343 Industries
Halo 5: Guardians | Xbox One | 343 Industries

Halo has been one of those franchise that has been instrumental in changing the face of gaming. If not for Halo, Online gaming and competitive LAN parties probably would not be what it is today. Many can not argue that fact, however as the franchise grew, so did the community of gamers. Microsoft had a franchise on its hands that could not be overlooked as one of the best, and influential games in history. Halo 5 tries to bring back some of the core elements of past Halo games, while trying some of the games most changes to date.

Halo 5 is all about fast action gameplay and open, vast environments that do look gorgeous. There is no denying the graphics of Halo 5. The environments look fantastic, character models look great, and weapons and lighting effects look fantastic. Halo 5 also gives us a new character movement system that past entries have not had. Now while you sprint, you can hit a button that will give you a bull charge utilizing your jet pack. While in mid air, if you aim your character will hold position (int the air) for a short period of time allowing you to aim at your target, and also while in mid air if you hold your melee attack you can do a ground pound that gives you radial damage to enemies.

The campaign leads you through 8 playable characters across two separate teams that are chasing each other through different environments. Each character is interesting and has a pretty detailed background that you become familiar with and fascinated with. Lockes troubled past, and Vales ability to understand the languages of Covenant Elites. The story is that Master Chief is believed to be guilty of war crimes and his old team of Spartans are wanted, and Locke and his team are ordered to bring them in. It was an interesting choice to try and turn the HERO of franchise that has become beloved throughout his history, and this is where the campaign becomes diluted. Who can believe Mast Chief as being a villainous character? Locke as being this super soldier who is good enough to bring in the greatest HERO of their time. There are so many holes, and without giving away the ending, room for many questions that go unanswered.

The campaign just never seem to stay on track for me. The cut scenes never seemed finished, and the lack of interesting interaction between the two teams is disappointing. Not to mention that the campaign only seemed to last a little over five hours, on the HEROIC difficulty. There was no feeling of completion and their excuse for a final boss fight was EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING! There was also no clear cut resolution. Sure it left the game open for future expansions and a sequel, which we know is coming, but when you have gamers pay $60 for a brand new title in a franchise they haven’t seen in a few years, it feels painful for me to write that. If you play the campaign cooperatively please due so in groups of three or four if you can. The AI is a disaster a lot of the times, and if you need them in a tight pinch, you are already expecting to restart at the last checkpoint.

The saving grace in the game is the multiplayer and the changes they made to it. It feels fluid and complete. They must have taken some of the development resources from the campaign and dumped it into the multiplayer. There are even environments that we play in the multiplayer that we NEVER see in the actual campaign. All of your favorite game modes are here, and they FINALLY got rid of the unlock-able weapons while playing, and instead went back to placing the power weapons in different locations on each map.

“While Arena feels great in a tactile sense, and captures the essence of what makes Halo multiplayer compelling, Halo 5’s new Warzone departs from franchise tradition several times over. It takes inspiration from the MOBA genre, combining player vs. player tactics with player vs. environment combat. And it’s one of the best new ideas in not just this series, but the shooter genre in general.

Master Chief and Cortana
Master Chief and Cortana

Warzone spans huge maps, in lush jungles and barren arctic landscapes. Each team has a plethora of options laid out before it, from capturing neutral zones, to killing enemy players, to defeating AI combatants. Several times throughout each match, AI mini-bosses will spawn. These opponents pilot Banshee fighter ships and drive Wraith tanks, and present a greater challenge than the normal AI fodder. These are the objectives in Warzone, and this is a mode that forces teams to make decisions.”

After playing the different games modes in Halo 5 you earn requisition points, which is the in game currency that is used to unlock weapon packs which give you new weapons, vehicle unlocks and items that can change the way you play certain game modes.

Halo 5 is probably one of the boldest titles in the franchise. It feels that they tried to do a little too much when it comes to the story, and had a huge success in the games multiplayer. Sure, there are some gamers who are not going to care about the campaign, and will jump straight into the multiplayer, but for those that enjoy both, you will be disappointed with the story, but over joyed with the multiplayer. We know there is another game coming out and we hope that they learn from the mistakes of this story and make the adjustments and keep the multiplayer!



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