Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain | Kojima Productions | Konami | Reviewed: PS4
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain | Kojima Productions | Konami | Reviewed: PS4

Every once in a blue moon, especially when it comes to the gaming industry, we come across a game that is defined as a classic. We have some that come very close (Grand Theft Auto V comes to mind) and then we have some that hit so far off the mark. That is the nature of game today. Granted many different publications look at games differently and have different expectations. That’s why it is hard for fans, and consumers to look at one distinct publication for opinions. You look at different views. This isnt an article to explain how games should be looked at or reviewed however when you have a game that many people have similar options on, you can not go wrong.

I am not here to say that I think Metal Gear Solid V is a perfect game, because to me there is no “PERFECT” game, however there are so many “SOLID” (see what I did there) moments that will far outweigh the negatives with this game. I happen to agree with many colleague’s opinions on this title, however there are some flaws.

Let me start out by stating a couple of positives and obvious observations. The game is beautiful. That goes without question. Kojima Productions always does a pretty bang up job when it comes to the production value of many of their titles. Controls work very well also. Except when it comes to riding the horse. Then the controls can get a little bit clunky, but its not enough to take away from the game experience. There is a very cool story to follow, and I highly recommend that you play the prequel to the game “Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zero” before jumping into this. It helps add to the understanding of the story, not to mention you can transfer your save file and items you collect. The story does seem to jump a little bit from plot points but does remain consistent enough that you do not become confused in any way.

I will say that the lack of multiplayer, which was delayed prior to the games release was a little disapointing, as well as the execution of the episodic missions. They tried to make Metal Gear Solid V very episodic. Prior to each mission you get a briefing and opening credits, and at the end we could get a very cool cut scene and then closing credits, that are all the same. I know Hideo Kojima was the director of the game but do I really need to see it a hundred times through the course of the game? It seems that up to this point TellTale Games is one of the few studios that gets episodic games just right. The missions are to quick and your going from one to another which to me just doesn’t justify the episodic opening and closings at that pace.

That doesn’t take away the greatness of what Kojima had put together, because it is VERY VERY GOOD, and is a must have in anyone’s game collection, and if this truly is the final game in the series, this would be a perfect exit!



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